Pinup of the week: Lady Dinah

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My love for pin-up, rockabilly, vintage and retro started many years ago. I’ve always been a very insecure girl who wanted nothing more than to be more like one of those beautiful ladies you see in old movies. In recent years I’ve learnt that their beauty is not created by a beautiful figure and perfect measurements but comes from inside. If you feel beautiful then you will look beautiful to others as well! I started modelling a little over a year ago and with my pictures hope to inspire more girls to flaunt their curves and love their body <3 .
My inspiration comes from a range of gorgeous ladies, among others Dita von Teese, Tess Munster and Marilyn Monroe…
Lately I’ve been exploring the more edgy side of pin-up, and my upcoming shoots will reflect that I think *wink, wink,

Photographer: Martin Philippo

Photographer: Martin Philippo

nudge, nudge*.
If you want to keep posted, you can find me here:
Credits for the picture are:
Photographer: Martin Philippo
MUA and hairstyling: Ghyslaine Gomes

Rockabilly on the route 2015 Tucumcari, New Mexico

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Pinup of the week: Mademoiselle Lennie

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Her smile… That’s the signature of Lennie. Little French brunette pin-up expatriated in the Netherlands. She is a joyful kid, not scared of anything, but bad manners. Don’t do naughty with Mademoiselle Lennie.
Lennie loves to laugh during photoshoots with the other models and photographers and enjoy creating accessories and little hair-bows in her spare time.
The credits of the photo goes to Shifter Photographie:

– – – – –

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Pinup of the week: Michelle Cooper

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Michelle Cooper

Photographer: pieter de bruin from Pieter E Photography

My name is Michelle and I am19 years old!

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Pinup of the week: Annie Lorizzo

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I have always been an alternative girl, and love the vintage style. Vintage clothing has a way of making you feel so womanly and empowered!

I am 23 years old, and I am just beginning to try and put myself out into the world of modelling. My skills include being a Model Effects worker and Sculptor, and have worked on some major films including Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor 2, as well as sculpted props for Louis Vuitton window displays. I have done a small amount of modelling, for University students and friends.

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Pinup of the week: Miss Mortesin

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mortesinHello Lovelies!,
I have a strong appreciation for everything vintage/retro and rockabilly! I’ve done a large body of
work in pinup fashion modeling as well as several other genres. I have a large collection of pinup/vintage

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Pinup of the week: Miss Honey Bee

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13MissTPinups_Emma_9042_Sweet on the lips, but watch out for my sting – I am Miss Honey Bee! Down in little ol’ New Zealand.  I’m a lover of all things vintage and am passionate about pin up. I love the confidence it gives a gal – with a fancy frock, a lick of lippy and of course a cheeky smile you can take on the world! As Ru Paul says “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gunna love someone else”
If you like what you see, head on over and like my page:

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Pinup of the week: Dottie Mayfield

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dottieHigh spirited highly motivated… Willing to step outside of her comfort zone and breaking new ground. Combining fantastic work ethics and a good sense of humor. Disciplined and Classy are traits that come naturally with this amazing woman. Dottie’s inspiration comes from many sources including the old Hollywood glamour of Marilyn, Lucille Ball and Gene Harlow. 
The photo has been taken by Daring Dames Photography (Marley Botta) :

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Pinup of the week: Michelle Jimenez

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My name is Michelle Jimenez I am 28 years young. I currently hold many hats as a stay at home mom to a beautiful baby boy who I adore to pieces. I enjoy living the Rockabilly lifestyle and love dolling up my friends with beautiful hair and makeup.

Taken by: Optionz Boutique
Link: M Jimenez Rockabilly Pics & Michelle Jimenez


Slapback Johnny’s new video “Hoggin’ Around”

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slapback johnny hoesSlapback Johnny is a rockabilly-trio that has been rocking since 2012. Playing loads of festivals, venues and bars in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany and Ireland to spread the word of rock ’n’ roll! Until now their discography contains a debut e.p. from 2012 and “Doin’ Time” in 2013. But that’s soon to change… In 2015 the trio will release at least two songs with videos to give everyone the chance to get a taste of the live-experience that is Slapback Johnny. Enjoy “Hoggin’ Around” and be sure to see a gig in person!



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Pinup of the week: Anna Kamps

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I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 years! Since then I’ve moved from Texas to the Kentucky/Tennessee area, am now a member and Tennessee State Leader of Pinups for Patriots, was the cover model for Kat Club No.5 by Retro Lovely, and have immersed myself in the pinup lifestyle. Over the last couple years I’ve met so many lovely people who have such a passion for the rockabilly/pinup culture and I very much enjoy being surrounded by the music, pinups, classic cars, photographers, and overall style. It has been such an exciting experience and I’m so grateful for the support I’ve had along the way. Thank you so very much! With Love, Anna

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Blogger, musician and fashionista: Lexi DeRock!

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Lexi DeRock is a self-described “pin-up in search of things bygone and glam.”  A blogger, musician, and fashionista, she has been involved with the rockabilly scene across the globe.  Below we get to know this buxom beauty.
lexi2First off, you’re a bit of a world traveler.  Tell us about that?

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La Dolce Morte

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ekberg1The last week I’ve been preoccupied with thoughts of film, time, life, and death. It all ties together with Federico Fellini’s famous film, La Dolce Vita and the death of famed bombshelter-era bombshell, Anita Ekberg this last weekend. I’m not a Fellini expert, my tastes in vintage movies tend to run more towards the Universal monster movies starring Lon Chaney Jr. Nor am I a devotee of Ekberg, but rather a more casual fan. And yet here I am, moved to write in effect about her death and her place in classic cinema.

So how did we get to this point, then? Going off my previously described affection for classic monsters, it should surprise no one that I also devour my share of horror and vampire novels. Most recently, I’ve become a fan of Kim Newman’s vast alternate history series, Anno Dracula. The first novel set naturally enough in Victorian London, using the Jack the Ripper murders as a setup for the horrorific goings on. The second novel takes us into World War One and deals with none other than the famous Bloody Red Baron of Germany. Finally, the third novel (Dracula Cha Cha Cha) takes us to 1959 Rome or more to the point, the Rome seen in films such as Roman Holiday or, you guessed it, La Dolce Vita. I received the novel as a Christmas present and recently started making my way through it.

ekberg2The book pays a tremendous homage to Fellini’s film, with it’s own variation on Ekberg’s famous dip in the Trevi Fountain ending in coupious amounts of vampire grue. I was familiar enough with La Dolce Vita to pick up on the references. But I admit to my shame, that despite being a self-proclaimed film buff, I had somehow managed to never see the movie, possibly due to it’s lack of vampires or werewolves. Maybe I’m just inheritantly some weird form of a low-brow snob? Whatever the reason, wading through the novel finally pushed me to get over that hump. On January 9th, I ventured into the Vulcan Video and rented both the Bill Murray military comedy Stripes and Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. I could almost feel Murray’s eyes gazing over the cover image of Ekberg as I left the store, DVD’s in hand.

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Pinup of the week, three years later: Shannon Fatale

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Since last being featured on Rockabilly-Online (, I have been busy with a ton of photo shoots, many with patriotic or military themes and sending many signed (and sometimes kissed) pinup photos to deployed troops.  If there’s any deployed troops seeing this, be sure to send me a message with your A/FPO address and I’ll send you a photo!
I’m still based in New York City and love dressing in vintage clothes, especially the dresses that were my grandmother’s and great aunt’s!  I love going to concerts to see live rock ‘n’ roll, and on the rare occasion I have spare time hanging out with friends and my fella.  My day job has gotten increasingly busy, but I do as many photo shoots as I can, and am always looking for clothing and accessories companies to model for and collaborate with!

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The Reverend Horton heat “ REV” (Album review)

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ReverendBrand new album by the Reverend Horton Heat.

Never knowing what to expect from the Reverend I was anxious to put the cd on. Would he even stray further from his own brand of Psychorockinyourfacesurf a Billy  or perhaps back to the roots? Well I’m glad to tell ya he’s back in tiptop shape with lyrics stranger and funnier then ever like only the Rev can come up with, and the music is full of energy like it’s their first album.

Do take the time to read all the notes in the booklet the Rev wrote about the songs gives a great insight about the bands music , lyrics and the way the music industry works. Never would have guessed that even the Reverend Horton Heat gets told that his song is horrible by the Record Company (read the notes on schizoid)

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Christmas Swan Market at Fenix Food Factory Rotterdam

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2014 swan market (24)Rotterdam is becoming more and more vintage hip. The Swan Market is an art fair, which started in Rotterdam but has now it’s follow ups in Dordrecht, Goes and Antwerp (Belgium). Every month you can visit the Swan market in different locations in Rotterdam indoor or outdoors. Today December 21st, I visited the indoor Christmas edition in a hall near the Fenix Food Factory. The hall is located at one of the many Rotterdam harbours, where cruise ships often lay, but in the past mainly ships transporting goods from and to abroad. The hall was a depot for such goods. Now it’s empty and used for events like this. That makes this location very special.

2014 swan market (2)All kinds of handmade products, arts, vintage stuff and special food is sold. I had trouble keeping my money in my pocket. But these things I really really needed so bad and wanted it for a long time. Like this cute little purse with bamboo handle.2014 swan market (11)

Another cuteness is this red, white wall three wheeled Thai “tuk tuk”. They transformed it into an espresso bar. Classy huh?

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Pinup of the week: Ann van Damme

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Picture by Patrick Geerinck,

I’m almost 42 (born on the fifth of january in 1973)

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Pinup of the week: Jade Aurora

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Regency Hotel-2733My name is Jade, and I am a 25 year old pinup model and burlesque performer in Detroit, MI. I have been modeling for almost 3 years, and I love every moment of. I have learned to love my curves and embrace my sensual side because of pinup, and will continue to do so in the years to come. I am also an artist and painter.


Instagram: jadeaurora1989

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Moanin’ at midnight (book review)

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20140817_152349I was on holiday to Wales this year. Away from it all, but not quite all. I had to bring something relating to music, and I chose the biography of a man named Chester Burnett, better known as Howlin’ Wolf. I was immediately captured by the description of those hard times in the 1920s. Black people and their children working in the cotton fields. Young Chester abandoned by his mother at an early age, raised by his aunt and abusive uncle. Running away by train in search of his father. And how he worked the mules with his singing voice to break the land.
He learned to play the guitar by Charlie Patton and many more.
All kinds of anekdotes by Howling Wolf, his sisters and blues musicians who ever worked with him back in the days.

A very easy to read and inspiring book about rough times, passion for blues music and how it kept him alive.


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Feminism or what?

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I have had many jobs in my 23 years of life and I have had to wear many uniforms with them. I have been a ‘punk’, a grunge goth, a Victorian goth, and now a rockabilly wannabe pinup star. I have worn many different styles and many different makeup-ed faces to (or lack there of). Some I fell into, some I was pressured into and some I wanted to be. I have battled with my body image and been pressured into looking a



certain way. Now I am coming to terms with my image and have a wonderful boyfriend to help me. My dream job is nearer now than ever and my wardrobe is, well I think. truly fantastic.

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