Lady K Loves sponsors Miss Pinup UK

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pin upLady K Loves is excited to be sponsoring Miss Pinup UK 2014. Hosted at the 10th International London Tattoo Convention, 26th-28th September 2014, the most respected and prestigious Tattoo convention in the world. Tickets to the convention, at Tobacco Docks London, are priced from £20 to £55, purchased through their website
What is Miss Pinup UK? Miss Pinup UK is a competition hosted by, that is aimed at women, over 18, who embody timeless glamour and pin up appeal. It is an exciting and not to be missed event that showcases and applauds glamour and beauty in all its glorious forms irrespective of size, age and colour. Along with Miss Pinup UK, will also be hosting Miss Pinup International over the weekend. This year’s entrants for Miss Pinup UK have a diverse set of special talents, from burlesque dancers, a cartoon animator, a make up artist, radio DJ, and HGV mechanic. At Miss Pinup UK all entrants will perform their special talent to the audience for judging.

Along with the Pinup Contest and special talents performances, there will also be burlesque and cabaret acts throughout the weekend on the stage. This is a great opportunity to see top quality burlesque in the flesh.

If you want to see plenty of pin up glamour, a variety of cool and quirky performances, a selection of rockabilly and vintage fashion to admire, and lots of fun then Miss Pinup UK is the event to attend.

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The WyattChristmas Trio – I’ve got rhythm: CD review

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The WyattChristmas Trio from Germany; I’ve already interviewed them in 2010.
But since then, a lot has happened.
The frontman of the band, Andy WyattChristmas (Wyatt like Wyatt Earp) is still leading the band, since he started the trio in 2008.
They’ve released their first album in 2010 called “Well, it’s allright”.
But since then two members have left the band and they’re replaced by Lee Diefenbach (drums & vocals) and Ralf Exter (bass & vocals).
With this line up they’ve released recently the second album, called “I’ve got rhythm”. And for sure, the name is perfectly chosen!

You can describe their sound as a mixture of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues and swing. A vintage sound like the early fifties, very danceable music.
Most of the songs (90%) are self-written songs and the harmony vocals run like a thread through the whole album.

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Pinup of the week: Kimme Kaboom

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Hello, I  am Kimme Kaboom, I am new to the pin up scene and I am loving every minute of it. Currently I have been in a number of publications. I’m really down to earth and sociable girl. I’m also a  blue jeans, tank top, flip flop (Reefs of course) wearing kinda girl. I play with cars, I play roller derby and I probably cuss a little more than I should..LOL However I absolutely love getting all dolled up and playing in front of the cameras.I am also proud to be a member of the Patriot Pin Ups-Alabama Chapter & a Lucky 13 Pin Up. I am a size 16/18 . I don’t know where this journey will end but I am gonna sit back and enjoy the ride.
Kimme KaBoom
Twitter @kimmekaboom

Pinup of the week: Lucy Lynn

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Well im vixxxen Lucy Lynn…a true southern blonde bombshell…we like our drinks and men both strong…only 24 years old but I have a old soul…I was born in the wrong era.
Its so liberating and such a sexual thrill to get all dressed up like Marilyn, anna Nicole or Bettie. they are my inspirations. I read once that Marilyn walked like there was a string attached to her head so she just floated. Ive been practising this…harder than you think hahaha. my hobbies are anything to do with hair and makeup or vintage clothing and jewelry. Car shows and concerts also rock! I love to dance and mingle with people. I can talk to anyone Im def not shy at all…. I recently got involved into the modeling part and I’m hooked! There is no high like being in front of the camera. I totally turn into the vixxxen.

Photographer: Roy Varga
MUA: the candy shop

Rockabilly is taking over the Rotterdam (again)

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Photo by Terral Bouman

Photo by Terral Bouman

All of my 22 years here on earth I’ve lived in Rotterdam. I grew up with wild rockin’ stories about jivin’ in Jailhouse Place, and late nights at The Flaming Star. But those places are no more :( So I traveled all over the country for party’s, thinking that rockabilly in Rotterdam is gone. Until the last few months!

It started with a event called “De Rotte Tiet”. In english, translates to ” the rotten titty”. But let me explain! The name came from a parody of The Titty Twister, from From Dusk Till Dawn! Born from the brains of Jesse van der Heijden and Dennis Klootwijk, the plan is to organize a party, where you can just be yourself. Guys can be just classy lads, girls can be pretty ladies! Not like the disco,hipster and hiphopin’ folk on the regular places. The evening is filled with dirty Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly, boppin’ tracks! Hans Worst is there to still you’re hunger with sauce, right from the grill. You can have you’re picture taken! And it goes on till late! I know, because I spinned the wax there! I danced like crazy when I didn’t spin. But the best part, I saw the older generation rockers and the newer generation in one place! So I highly recommend to go there! And I Look forward to the next edition!

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Pinup of the week: Madeleine Mayhem

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MadeleineMadeleine Mayhem is the kind of lady the un-dead would roam the earth for, and rightly so.
With her infectious smile and haunting demeanour this 5”4 cocktail of ink, orange hair and sky high killer heels is the perfect excuse to ‘dig yourself up’ over.

To start at the very beginning (which according to Julie Andrews) is a very good place to start Miss Mayhem’s tale put simply would go a little like this:
Once upon a something a little girl was born into a world of sewing machines and rock ‘n’ roll. Time passed, almost 20 years in-fact and that little girl was asked to model a dress in a fashion parade at a Tattoo Expo. I don’t think that designer knew exactly what they were about to unleash on the world. That fateful day teamed with her existing love of horror and a nickname from a very Reckless friend and Miss Madeleine Mayhem was alive…. It’s ALIVE!!!

Alongside running her clothing label Dead End Dames, being a pin-up girl seems like second nature to Mayhem and from then till now and forever it will remain one of her true loves. Inspired by strong willed ladies like Tempest Storm and her all time favourite dame Vampira, Madeleine Mayhem has become a force to be reckoned with while still remaining down to earth enough to sit here with yours truly and have a Captain Morgans, dry and lime while discussing beauty secrets, tattooists (check out Richie Blackheart and Graf) and why you should never trust a guy who asks if this smells like chloroform to you?

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Pinup of the week: Emily le Crue

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EmilyMy name is Emily Crespin (aka Emma Le Crue) I am 19 years old originally from Silver City, NM but recently moved to Prescott, AZ.

I have grown up with a family that loves oldies and rockabilly music. I love my style because I can show my personality through the way i dress and how i develop my own style showing my inner and outer beauty.

My Facebook link is:

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AMERIKANARE : American car culture in Sweden

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copyright by Gregor Schmatz

Gregor Schmatz is currently studying Photography at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland.

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Pinup of the week: Nikki Lynn

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My name is Nikki Lynn. Born and raised near Vancouver, Canada. I grew up a bit of a country girl, riding horses my whole life. Never afraid to get a little dirt under my nails but always passionate for the glam of retro hair/makeup/fashion. I have loved being in front of the camera since I was a little girl and have done many hair modeling and pin up style photo shoots through the years. I have had a strong affinity for all things vintage from a young age. I love cooking, baking and gardening. I also can’t deny my love for a little shake on the dance floor!

Photographer: S. Beresh Photography.

_MG_7527“Home” is a concept that is both solid and nebulous. To many, home is the city where you currently reside, the plot of land you call your own, or simply the bed where you lay your head.   These concepts of home are all true.  But then there is “home” as a place of origin.  The space that helped shape who you are.  In the United States, this often brings to mind lots of Norman Rockwell imagery of simple, small town life and all of its nostalgic charms.  As the setting of this story is my hometown of Graham, Texas; located in Young County, not far from the infamous Possum Kingdom Lake.  And as we made our trek from Austin, my home for the last five years, those feelings of nostalgia started to trickle in and by the time we drove through Mineral Wells, were simply overflowing.  For the first time in my adult life, my past and my present were locking horns in a fury of anxiety and excitement.

chair1I first became aware of the “Cars and Stars” event through Facebook.  Local Rockabilly/Alt-Country act, the Octanes played the show in 2013 and the pictures of my old town square drew me in like an old hound dog to a soup bone.  If you had told my teenaged-self that there was going to be a festival with Rock ‘n’ Roll bands, hot rods, and pin-up models in my humble and conservative hometown my younger self would have no doubt scoffed in disbelief at the notion.  But there it was, clear as day and it set my brain on fire.  I had to see this for myself. Then lightning struck and I knew.  Danger*Cakes, my wife, Jamie’s band needed to get in on this festival.  Nothing would make me happier than to see them play at the town square where I had spent so much of my childhood.  I had to make this happen.

Fast forward almost a year later to April 11th.  Jamie, the band, and myself were all packing up late Friday night for a four hour drive through the Texas hill country.  My mood was electric and the night was just chilly enough to have that atmospheric quality.  By the time we finally rolled into Graham around 1AM,  the town seemed empty, reminding me of the many misspent nights roaming the town streets with my friends, often ending up at the local cemetery, if we felt brave enough.  Although this night my gang of friends and I simply ended up at the local Holiday Inn, a relatively new addition to the town.

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Pinup of the week: Dana Ange

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Hi my name is Dana and I am a rockabilly chic through and through. I live in Virginia and grew up in the city of Norfolk.I am a hairstylist with a passion for rockabilly. When I was growing up, times were very though for my family but we always had two things love and my daddy listening to Elvis .I was not like most girls.Infact,I grew up in a garage helping my daddy build, chopp the tops, and playing in bondo. Yes it’s true, I played with bondo instead of playto.

Rockabilly is a way of life for me and is who I am. Its a feeling of loving and respecting all things vintage and classic. I often said I was born in the wrong era.I wouldn’t change anything about the way I grew up because it is who I am today .I really know what it feels like to have an old soul. Thats just it……It’s in your blood and soul. So for all you rockabillys out there, never change because we are what you call a classic.

Hoorn Rock ‘n’ Roll SUNday #7

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!cid_BFA3512E-111B-4CAB-A6B2-E83BF4A740BBOn Sunday May 25 2014, Hoorn (the Netherlands) shakes to its foundations for the 7th time in a row; it’s time for Hoorn Rock ’n’ Roll SUNday!
From 02.00 PM until late at night there is a lot to do in the City centre and also in the port of Hoorn. The organization of the festival succeeded again to contract the best rockin’ bands from around the world, so it will be a rockin’ time all over the bars!
You can enjoy this festival for FREE, because there is no entrance fee.
A few of the bands are: Shorty Tom & the longshots (FR), Pat Capocci (AUS), The Sureshots (UK), Spunyboys (FR), The Bugalettes (NL), Chilli & the Barracudas (A) and many, many more!

This year, it’s difficult to avoid Elvis. Who is the real Elvis? Is it the Hungarian Elvis, the Elvis-o-Matic or the Dead Elvis?
And do you have a bad hair day on May 25, don’t be upset. Rockin’ Barber Ritchie and vintage hairdresser’s the Parlour will take good care of you, so you can impress everybody with your new quiff or other hairstyle!
Would you like to have a new outfit, then make sure you’ll visit our fifties market.
In grand café Santé you’ll find market stalls with all kinds of nostalgic things from the rock ‘n’ roll area and stylish fifties clothing.
At various places in the city you can admire beautiful classic cars.
The vans of Hoorn City Tours will ride for free between 03.00 PM until 09.00 PM, along all participating bars, so you can spare your feet and do your favourite moves on the dance floor.
After the bar crawl you can go to the after party in Grand Café Santé where a great band will perform and DJ Puchrocker will spin his wax, from 09.00 PM until ……

Do you want a lasting reminder of Hoorn Rock ‘n’ Roll SUNday 2014? We have wonderful t-shirts, which fit perfectly with our special sunglasses. You can buy these at our stall in Grand Café Santé.
More information you can find on our website:

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Pinup of the week: Josephine Blossom

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My name is Josephine Blossom, a retro/vintage kinda girl and I’m living in Stuttgart in South Germany.
Since many years I loved the style of the 1920s to 50s, the music from Swing to R’n’R. The gentle behavior of that era is something I miss, too in today’s world.

I love painting and I admire Gil Elvgren’s Pinups, so sweet and innocent sexy and not rough erotic.
Cars especially Oldtimer, HotRods and old american muscle cars are another passion of mine.
I’m also sewing vintage clothes especially dresses.

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drewjamie1The Lonestar Roundup this year fell on a very special weekend for me. It was my second wedding anniversary. My wife Jamie and I spent the tail end of our Honeymoon seeing Wanda Jackson play at the 2012 show. We opted out of the 2013 show, but this year marked our return to the realm of fast cars, loud music, and big hair. It was a return with a kick like a kangaroo.

After a relaxing morning filled with sugary ceral and Pulp Fiction on Netflix, we rolled into the Travis County Expo Center. Even from the parking lot, you could hear cars revving their engines and music blasting. Once in the vendor area, we were quickly greeted by severa

l friendly and familiar faces.

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Pinup of the week: Darla Lush

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Darla Lush Tiki Pinup

Darla Lush grew up in a small town in rural Ohio. As a daughter of an ex-nun, she came from a conservative family that abhorred anything remotely sexual in nature. This attitude had the opposite effect on Darla and motivated her to embrace and cultivate her own sexuality. Darla attended the Delaware College of Art and Design and graduated with degrees in Fine Arts and Photography. She also attended the California College of the Arts where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Sculpture. It was in California that that she took an interest in the combination of art + new technologies. Simultaneously, she found pin up modeling and burlesque to be healthy and valuable forms of sexual self-expression. As a trained multi-disciplinary artist,  Darla formulated a way to infuse her art practice with her performance art; resulting in creating her production, Projection Mapping Burlesque. In this production, Darla works with the Projection Mapping Art collective, Mapjacks. In this performance, the collective maps live video onto Darla’s nude body as she dances and sings. Although Darla is nude, Her body is covered by video projections that illustrate an animated dress and other various undulating patterns.

Darla’s Hobbies: Singing the blues, pin up modeling, art, new technologies, burlesque, vintage fashion, film, karaoke, blogging, going to theme bars, exploring LA . I feel that most of my hobbies and the work I do are one in the same.

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DRAKE BELL - promo photo 2014Drake Bell is the most popular TV actor in Nickelodeon’s history, with a fanbase that stretches to over 6 million Facebook likes and almost 3 million Twitter followers. As the star of the ‘Drake & Josh’ TV show and three movie spin-offs – all of which were hits in the UK – he has won numerous KIds Choice Awards, including Favourite TV Actor, International TV Star and International Singer. Having grown up in the entertainment business, Bell filmed his first commercial at the age of 5, while his acting credits include ‘Jerry Maguire’, ‘High Fidelity’, ‘Super Hero Movie’ and ‘Yours, Mine & Ours’ as well as providing his voice for several animated films.

However, his talent goes way beyond acting. With music being his first love, Bell has been writing and recording his own material since his early teens – including the theme song to ‘Drake & Josh’ – while his first guitar was a Brian Setzer Gretsch (Setzer having been his guitar god since he was 12 years old and discovered rockabilly), which he started playing when he was cast in the TV movie ‘Chasing Destiny’. Co-starring Roger Daltrey, it was The Who frontman who gave the young performer his initial lessons. Although Bell was primarily focused on acting for years thereafter, he continued to play music and write songs on the side, and the Drake & Josh show (which began airing in 2004 when he was 15) finally allowed him to show off his chops onscreen, playing an exaggerated version of his guitarist-self named Drake Parker.

‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ is Bell’s third album release but his first for 8 years. Containing a mix of original material and a selection of covers, its rockabilly influence is evident throughout. Co-produced by Brian Setzer and including two Stray Cats covers, the self-penned ‘BItchcraft’ is the first single from the record and a well-executed homage to the grace and style of the 50’s.

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Dee’s Honeytones – Hot Damn

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deeann bijlage

Mars, Dee and Pat

Two weeks ago, I went to a cd presentation. It was the presentation of the newest cd by my friend Dee and her Honeytones. I bet most of you already know Dee and some of you might already know the Honeytones, but for those who don’t know, meet the members:

-          Dee-Ann, singer of Dee’s honeytones and Dee-Ann and the Nightcaptains. Also founder of this blog, rockabilly-online!

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Bobby Bare Jr. Album release “Undefeated”

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BBJ_218_JBW_horizontalBobby Bare, Jr. could’ve phoned in a career. He could’ve exploited the fact that he’s the son of iconic Country Music Hall of Famer Bobby Bare, was born into Nashville‘s Music Row elite, and counted artists like Shel Silverstein as close family friends and George Jones and Tammy Wynette as next door neighbors. Instead, Bobby blazed a path of unique songwriting craftsmanship with a voice that blows through you like an unyielding wind on the desolate prairie. Undefeated is BBJ’s first release since 2010 and what he calls his “break-up record,” but the whole of it is much more involved: this isn’t escapism; it’s an emotional survival guide. Undefeated is ten songs of reality checks, clever wordplay, and daring arrangements, the aural companion to that buddy who pulls up a bar stool next to yours to help soak away your sorrows.

Bobby Bare, Jr. ( will release his new album Undefeated on April 15 via Bloodshot Records (pre-order available here). This is his first record since 2010, and his first back with the label since 2006’s The Longest Meow.

Recently, Garden & Gun premiered the album’s lead download track, “The Big Time.” The tune is Southern rock ‘n’ roll reinterpreted through the lens of soulful pedaled bass, celebratory and punchy brass, and the façade of big-city talk (“You’re gonna miss me after I hit the big time/ Gonna get brand new famous friends.”) You can download the tune here (

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Pinup of the week: Scissor Doll

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I am an experienced alternative model from the UK specialising in gothic, burlesque, pin-up, rockabilly, fetish and steampunk styles. I’ve always got a new outfit or idea to shoot and love working with photographers who have very creative minds and can add something special to my portfolio. I am versatile, easy-going and always willing to try something new and different whether it’s a classic high-key studio shoot or something a little more surreal. I also love getting to pose with hot rods and motorcycles! I’m always experimenting with my style, especially my hair which is currently short and half black and half white. I’m always happy to style myself to suit different looks for shoots. However I do have a variety of wigs which I can use to extend my range for more vintage orientated looks.

In addition to my work as a model, I’m also a trained hairstylist and am always experimenting with new looks on both myself and other victims! I am also fully capable of doing my own make-up preparation for shoots, but I am more then willing to work with other make up artists or hair stylists.

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Rockabilly of the week: Beau Eldon

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Beau Eldon (2)
My life revolves around everything vintage.

 I love rock n roll music because of how it changed everything for everyone. It gave teenagers a voice. It wasn’t just about the music, it changed the way people dressed and it opened up a new form of style. I would have loved to be a teenager in the 50′s. I love the music of Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly. In fact, my music collection consists only of rock n roll. I dress rockabilly everyday. Leather motorcycle jacket, stressed jeans with curled up ends, worn out boots that gives them the edgier appeal. I finish this look with either a white T-shirt or a navy blue one. I repair/restore vintage cars/trucks. I get to drive these cars everyday, and when you sit in these cars you can’t help, but close your eyes and only wish that you were in the 50′s when your eyes opened. I drive a 1961 austin a55 pickup.

So, from the moment my eyes open and until they close. My life is rockabilly. And i wouldn’t have it any other way.

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