Stray Cats, Live at Rockpalast

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Stray Cats

Stray Cats

Stray Cats “live at rockpalast- 1983 lorely open air dvd + 1981 Cologne ( cd).
Rockpalast a great german tv concert series that captured all the great acts live while playing in Germany.
Remember taping this performance to vhs?
Now it’s out on dvd and cd ( a performance from two years earlier in Cologne).
The Stray Cats at their prime, a rockabilly trio at full force.
Story goes they where mocked because they only had a small stand up drum kit, one guitar amp and a double bass.
At the time walls off marshall amps where all they rage ( I believe they still are).
They blew the audience away nevertheless.

As a bonus also a live cd from a show ” the cats ” did in 1981 in Cologne.

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Brian Setzer “rockabilly riot” all original

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Better late then never.
What to write about another Brian Setzer album?
The man has been relasing great albums for years.
After hearing the first track (let’s shake) of the album fear took over as this reviewer thaught Brian sold his soul to the devil but after hearing the rest of the album my mind was put at easy, the album is kick ass and sees mr Setzer in tip top shape with his timeless twang and rockabilly sounds, backed by Mark Winchester on bass ( good to see he’s back), Noah Levy on drums and Kevin McKendree on piano the band sounds fresh and lays down 12 original songs.
One album that can’t be missed in one’s collection.

Brian Setzer

Brian Setzer

Pinup of the week: Bouquet Betty

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Michelle-4689Hey Loves my name is Bouquet Betty I am a published pin-up model. I am featured in Electric Pin-up Magazine for the months of June & July. I am currently in the running for Miss Mustang Mania. Stick around more to come from this rockabilly doll. Please stop by my pages and say hello. Toodles!

Links: FB: https//m.facebook/Bouquetbetty

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Pinup of the week: Miss Pineapple Milkshake

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pineapple Milkshake (3)Hey Guys Iam Bianca aka Miss Pineapple Milkshake. I was pinup of the week a looooooonng time ago and now I think its time to start again :)

I live in Germay and aim 26 Years old:) I love V8 Cars Rock n Roll and of course Psychobilly music.

Im a Curvy model but I really like my Mum Body 😀

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The Graceland Auction August 13th, 2015!

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GracelandMansionelvis ann margretOn August 13, Graceland Auctions will start to auction off 174 lots of exceptional antique Elvis merchandise making it the largest and most comprehensive auction yet held on the grounds of Graceland. Whether you are looking for a stage-worn jumpsuit or a piece of 1950’s merchandising, a historical document or a rare test pressing, a TCB necklace or a movie artifact, this auction has something for you!

This auction, The Auction At Graceland, starts at 7:00 PM CST on the 13th. Elvis touched the hearts and lives of fans across the globe, and their goal for the Elvis Week 2015 Auction at Graceland was to include artifacts from across the spectrum of collecting, including items owned by Elvis, gifted by Elvis, written by Elvis, used by Elvis and created to promote the king and his career.

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Pinup of the week: Miss Honey Bee

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photos by Varga Photography

photos by Varga Photography


I am a 6ft tall red headed green eyed 35 year old single mom of 3 teenagers. That in itself is a feat of its own lol.

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Franeker Rock and Roll festival 2015

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Franeker (4)We had a great time at Franeker Rock and roll Festival. The sixth edition of this annual festival had two small stages and a main stage throughout the city center of Franeker (Friesland, The Netherlands).

The weather was rough, windy, rainy, but as we kept on rocking and rolling on the outdoor stages, we kept ourselves warm.


The Boppin’ Bastards with Sharon

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Pinup of the week: Miss Bella D’Vine

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Photo by Lucia Garcia

Photo by Lucia Garcia

My name is Miss Bella D’Vine,a 38 years old Dutch Pinup.
As a little girl,I had two dreams: marrying Elvis Presley,and becoming a Pinup. Well,needless to say,that Elvis part didn’t work out ;-). But I’m very proud that the Pinup dream came true,that’s what I answer when people ask me about my style,and why I’m wearing retro clothes; I’m living my Pinup dream.
I love listening to country music and of course Johnny Cash (I’m a huge fan).
It would be such an honour to become Pinup of the week :-)
If you want to see more of me,my Facebook page is and you can follow me on  Instagram; miss_bella_dvine.

Photo is taken by Lucia Garcia for Muah was Susan Vaessen.

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A normal sunday

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My workstation last Saturday

My workstation last Saturday

I woke up last Sunday, havin’ a hangover from the birthday party the day before. The sun was shining, early in the morning, and i remembered something the bass player of Liptease and the Backstreet Crackbangers (Liptease) told me. They were supposed to play on the cape, here in my hometown, during World Port Classics. I’d spinned the wax there the day before. So I decided to first eat something and comb my quiff before checking them out.

This band, going on for six years now, became extra popular with the dutch show Hollands Got Talent, becoming a good

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Pinup of the week: Diana May

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Diana may (2)Hello darlings,

My name is Diana May, a Dutch girl, in the beautiful province of Friesland

Not so long ago I had my first shoot. I hope many will follow, because I never expected this would be so much fun!

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Pinup of the week: Debbie

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Picture by Alex Duijvelaar

Hi guys and dolls,
My name is Debbie, 23 years.
And I live together with my boyfriend and dog in a small village in Brabant.
My love for pin-up, vintage and retro started a few years ago. In my teenage years I dressed like a Goth, I was insecure and bullied a lot so I tried to hide my body underneath oversized black clothing.
Since four years I’m comfortable in my skin, and I feel nice dressing up.

Like a lot of other girls I’m very fascinated by the movies Grease and Cry baby.
My style inspiration comes from a lot of beautiful women: Marilyn Monroe, Dita von Teese and Annika Strandberg.
I had my first pin-up shoot last week, March 22. I had so much fun, and I would love to do this more often! It is a great way to feel confident, so I recommend it to all other women.
If you want to see more of me, then please follow me on:
Twitter @Debbielangwerde
Instagram @pinupdolldebbie
And on my blog
xx Debbie

A peek in the fifties interior of Manon and Jan

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20150505_124713I know Manon and Jan from the Cruise Inn rock and roll club in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A club that exists for more than 30 years. Manon does the band bookings for the Cruise Inn, for some years now.

They have plans for rebuilding their attic and needed to declutter, so they were selling some very nice fifties stuff. I visited their house to get five vintage ceramic doll heads.
It was a pleasant surprise when I found out that Manon was a die hard collector. Or am I exaggerating?
Manon says: “it always starts with one. For instance one flamingo. When people visit they notice the flamingo and next time, they bring you another. Same with pineaples, tiki’s, poodle statues etc.”

20150505_125122It is such a lovely interior, with mostly vintage furniture. The kitchen is a custom made American Kitchen style. The California dishes in yellow, green, blue and pink are nicely stacked in their self made cupboard. Manon: “I was driving past a house which as being demolished. I saw these doors and asked if I could take them. And I could. I saved them. Both doors are different but what the heck.
I always buy those vintage dishes whenever I find them so I have a lot. I use the vintage cups and dishes and sometimes they break, but that’s okay, because I have a lot of the same kind and color. I have met someone who also collects those dishes in all colors, but she never uses it. I get my tea in a normal cup from her.”

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Slapback Johnny’s Moonshine Fred

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slapbackDutch rock ’n’ billy trio “Slapback Johnny” just released their new single that goes by the name “Moonshine Fred”. This self-written song tells you the story of an old bastard in Tennessee accompanied while it lets the audience hear a new, more country side, of Slapback Johnny.

To promote the song they’ve also released an official live-video shot at a rockabilly party at dB’s Utrecht. Be sure to check it out, or better yet: go and see them live!

Click here for the official live-video “Moonshine Fred” Click here for Slapback Johnny’s tour-schedule

Pinup of the week: Sassy Savy

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sassy savyHello  I’m Sassy Savy. I’m alternative pinup for 4 years  from  medium size outside of pittsburgh pa

I always loved my winged eyeliner classic redstick. Idolizing  Betty Davis I love vintage style just their way they lived back then but I always be example for women or models general, who have disabilities & disorders. I wanna show the world just because I have this doesn’t mean you have give up on your dreams and goals. Don’t  stop fighting for what you want to do in life so please help achieve my dream.

My social links

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44 Shakedown album release party “Honkers”

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Friday the 13th of February wasn’t such a bad luck day at all. In fact I had a great time at the album release party of 44 Shakedown, an album I was very curious about. If you want to know more about the band, read the interview:

haystackThe party was at Rotown in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The place was packed. The lovely voices of The Haystack Hi-tones singers Jo and Annita were inviting us in. This band just recently reunited after a break of a couple years. Annita has her Starbombers but what she loves the most is singing duets with Jo. They have played about seven times in Viva Las Vegas. Tonight Jo was suffering from a cold, but the show must go on. Everyone in the audience wondered how she could keep on singing and still sound very well. Musicians Richard, Raymond and Jan gave the authentic sound to the western swing styled songs and ballads, on which the perfect matching voices could blend in.

44sd44 Shakedown was the main course of this gourmet music night! We all waited to hear the songs they’ve recorded on their second album “Honkers”. Five well dressed men, looking like they’re coming right out of a black and white 30’s movie, set foot on stage and right away the joint was jumping. Early rhythm and blues, Chuck Willis, jazzy balads, charleston rhythms. Both Tim and Louis make the big difference with their saxophone harmonies. Ben is a very modest but capable drummer, who drums in the old rhythm and blues style and some big band rolls too. Nice thing is that Aram and Marcel both take turns to the lead singing parts. This band got it all together and really is a live must see. Before I left Ben proudly handed me their cd. And what a production it is!

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Rockabilly on the route 2015 Tucumcari, New Mexico

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rockabilly on the route 2015Two years ago, folks in Tucumcari weren’t sure what “a rockabilly” was. Today Mayor Lumpkin is the self-proclaimed Ambassador of The Rockabilly, boasting, “Everywhere I went in Brooklyn I told people about Rockabilly on the Route.” Created in 2013 by La Loca Magazine owner Ungelbah Davila and Charleston-based Simon Cantlon, owner of Vive le Rock Productions, this rockabilly weekender is quickly changing the face of Eastern New Mexico. The creators, which now operate as Pink Flamingo Productions, chose the unassuming town of Tucumcari for its rich Route 66 history, colorful characters, and mid-century flair.

Since then the festival has grown into the largest of its kind in the state, drawing the attention of the New Mexico Tourism Department, PBS, and bands from as far away as Japan, Norway, and Colombia.

Unlike rockabilly festivals and car shows that are confined to a single venue, Rockabilly on the Route takes over the entire town, from the convention center-based car and bike show (hosted by the Voodoo Creeps Car Club and Duke City Rockers), to the cruise and parade down Route 66, to parking lot burn-outs, after parties at the Tristar Bar, pop-up drive-in movies at the Roadrunner Lodge, and

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Pinup of the week: Bonnie Vincent

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R.I.P. Carl da Silva

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11031136_850779544988518_7783072999741533192_nWe received the sad news that Carl da Silva passed away this week.
Carl was the frontman of the Rockabilly band Carl & the Rhythm All Stars.
A traditional 50’s rockabilly band, with members from both France and Portugal.
They started up in 2002 when Carl and Pedro Pena, longtime friends and fellow musicians met up in Paris to create a band.
Their sound can best be described as wild and they became one of the most popular bands in the scene in Europe.
Our condolences go to Carl’s family and friends.
He will be missed, but certainly not forgotten.

Pinup of the week: Yessi Thorn

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Yessi thornMy name is yessi Thorn, a pin-up and rockabilly model from the Netherlands.

I’m not only a model in this style, I life the rockabilly live in all kinds of different ways.

My daily outfit is inspired by the rockabilly and psyco-billy clothing and I drive a red 1971 beetle.

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Pinup of the week: Lady Dinah

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My love for pin-up, rockabilly, vintage and retro started many years ago. I’ve always been a very insecure girl who wanted nothing more than to be more like one of those beautiful ladies you see in old movies. In recent years I’ve learnt that their beauty is not created by a beautiful figure and perfect measurements but comes from inside. If you feel beautiful then you will look beautiful to others as well! I started modelling a little over a year ago and with my pictures hope to inspire more girls to flaunt their curves and love their body <3 .
My inspiration comes from a range of gorgeous ladies, among others Dita von Teese, Tess Munster and Marilyn Monroe…
Lately I’ve been exploring the more edgy side of pin-up, and my upcoming shoots will reflect that I think *wink, wink,

Photographer: Martin Philippo

Photographer: Martin Philippo

nudge, nudge*.
If you want to keep posted, you can find me here:
Credits for the picture are:
Photographer: Martin Philippo
MUA and hairstyling: Ghyslaine Gomes




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