Pinup of the week: Lelah May Hula

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Photography: Andreas Koch of @nolapus

As a New Orleanian, I have adopted a vintage, retro, rockabilly style that is right at home in a city that loves traditional jazz music, swing dancing, blues, and rock’n’roll.

I have been dancing with a group called the Nola Chorus Girls for five years, and we perform at local venues, festivals, and our many, many parades for all occasions. We wear original vintage-inspired costumes and dance to jazz and swing standards as performed by wonderful local musicians. I started hula hooping five years ago, as well, and while I’m not the most skilled, I am a pretty good hoop dancer with a few tricks up my sleeve (or around my waist, I guess!)

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Pinup of the week: Sierra Dawn

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Photo credit: Art Stoddard of Rocket 88 Photography

Hi I’m Sierra Dawn,

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Pinup of the week: Sarah Jane

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Photographer: Beth Cocuzzi/ Pussycat Pinups

My name is Sarah Jane. I am a healthcare professional specializing in Gerontology and, currently, going for my Master’s at USC. I hope to one day become a vital part of the elder community and produce change and hope for our aging population. I’m a single mother of a 2-yr old rockstar named Dax and love all extreme outdoor activities. Hiking, running, backpacking, camping, white-water rafting, ziplining…you name it! When I’m not going getting my blood rushing, I love to sit down and read a good book and cook a good meal with some reggaeton, country, blues or rockabilly on blast.

Pinup has always been a soft spot for me and I find everything about it beautiful and creative.Every woman has the right to feel mysterious, sexy, seductive and classy.

Maureen and the Mercury 5

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photo by marie gregorio-oviedo

Maureen, born in Detroit, raised in Ohio, went to music conservatory in New York but she calls L.A. her home now. With guitarist Scott “Seatbelt” McLean and bassist Steve Whalen, sax / guitarist, Sylvain Carton (from France) and drummer T. Alex Budrow they go by the name of Maureen and the Mercury 5. They just added a new member – Jordan Bush – like Sylvan, he plays
Sax & guitar, but he also plays keys and harmonica.

How and when did you start?

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Pinup of the week: Cha Cha Cherry

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Model : ChaCha Cherry
Makeup: Lexy Michellet
Photography: VCV Agency
Outfit: Grandstand Fashion

ChaCha Cherry, a pin up born and raised in Miami, FL with her heart firmly planted in Havana,
Cuba puts all the magic in the Magic City with her love for glitter and all things vintage.
On her spare time, she can be found running marathons as well as working on her up coming talk show, “Chatting with Cha Cha”!
A treat you won’t want to miss!

The Baja Bop: Red hot Cruise to Mexico October 18th-21st 2018

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In case you have some money left over, you have time off between October 18th and 21st 2018, you loved to watch Love Boat (a series from the seventies, you have to be that old to know that series) and you’re totally into Rockabilly music… well here’s the festival for you: The Baja Bop.

Bands like: Los Straight Jackets, Si Cranstoun, Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys, Ruby Ann, Kim Lenz, D.J.’s and many more, will rock to and fro with you on full sea.

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Barrence Whitfield – Soul Flowers of Titan review

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The second new album Soul Flowers of Titan from Boston’s Barrence Whitfield and the Savages is out on Bloodshot records. It was inspired by the cosmic outlook of Sun Ra and elaborates on the Cincinnati-based King Records and Federal Records sounds of the 1950s-’60s.

I’ve seen Barrence live a few times in the 90’s and also more recently a few years ago. He is so energetic, never a dull moment on stage with Barrence. In his voice you hear a touch of Screaming Jay Hawkins.

The album opens with a “flat tire” rhythm “Slowly Losing My Mind” supported by a sixties-ish Hammond sound and naughty trumpet solo.

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Al Dual – Blue’s Back in Town (album review)

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Al Dual, a good looking Spanish guitarist, has been awarded the Ameripolitan Music Awards Memphis 2018, and he and his band has just been included in the prestigious rockabilly Hall Of Fame. He played with numerous artists such as Charlie Hightone (Spain), Chris Casello (USA), Ashley Kingman, Eddie Nichols, Paul Pigat (Canada), Lisa Pankratz, Mike Sánchez (UK), Sue Moreno (NL), Chan Romero & many more.

Al’s latest release in vinyl is called Blue’s Back in Town and is recorded in Sun Records Studio.

If you’d tell me Blue’s Back In Town was a 1956 record, I think I would believe it.  They really succeeded in creating that authentic sound. Remember the song “All I can do is cry” (1956) from Wayne Walker? It would fit perfectly next to the four original songs of Al Dual.

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Pinup of the week: Miss Sveden

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Photographer: Candice Bell of Belladucci Photography

The pinup girl from South Africa with the sparkly eyes and the
infectious laugh. Always quick with a pun and ready with a joke or a
quick banter. Lover of aviation, fast cars and anything with an
engine. Favourite smells include fuel, burning tyres, rain and puppy

Photographer: Candice Bell of Belladucci Photography
Make-Up Artist: Adri Bronkhorst of The Make Up Effect
Venue: Swartkops Airforce Base in South Africa

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I must admit, I’m a Slapback Johnny fan. Whenever they’re around I must see those Dutch guys when I’m able. Their  energy is contagious and their songs refreshing. You’d think it must be an oldie rockabilly song, but it’s their own original. When I heard their music will be available in my own home/ car/ device because they decided to record their work, I was excited. So even before the release of their album I was very curious, I had to ask them all about it.

Hey guys, your new album, what’s it called?

Our debut album is called “Hit Me Up” and will be released internationally on Rhythm Bomb Records next month!

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Pinup of the week: miss Lux Leah

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Hi, I’m Lux Leah. I’m 29 years old and have a passion for vintage clothes, accessories and most of all…hairstyles! I have no formal training but am always working hard to figure out all the tricks to perfect my hair. I have attached a photo, taken by The Bomb Girls. My pinup page can be found at


Picture by The Bomb Girls

5 Common Fashion Trends That Used To Be Socially Unacceptable

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Photo Credit:

Being a woman in modern western society some of the things on this list are things we see or do in our everyday lives. But sometimes we take the little everyday things for granted and forget that not too long ago these things were shunned or even illegal and still are in some countries. From dying your hair to just wearing pants. Here are five common fashion trends that use to be socially unacceptable.

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Pinup of the week: Miss Christine

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My name is Christine Leanne Wood.  I just turned 36 in August. I have recently discovered the world of pinups and rockabilly. I have fallen head over heals for this lifestyle. I am a Property Manager in commercial real estate during the week.  When I am not working I seek thrilling adventures. I love motorcycle rides, fast rods, art, road trips, dancing and anything vintage/old hollywood. My main squeeze is music.  I am learning to play my Fender Strat and write song lyrics.  
I took the advice of a friend and did my first pin up shoot.  This was to be a project to build my confidence and bring healing after a traumatic event in my life.  In July of 2016 I suffered a brutal attack.  I sustained multiple injuries and was held hostage for 6 hours.  I almost lost my life that day. It has taken alot of healing but I have found strength in the process. Everyday I am grateful to be alive and for every moment. My plan is to find my purpose, to live my life to the fullest and never be afraid to take chances. Life is beautiful and I will embrace it.

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Pinup of the week: Maggie Leroux

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My name is Maggie Leroux. You might know me as the stage kitten of the International Burlesque Circus, the Amsterdam Burlesque Awards, the Burlesque Kingdom or many other great burlesque events in The Netherlands.

In 2013 I attended my very first burlesque show and from that moment on I knew this was the world I wanted to be part of. Intrigued by this seductive and mysterious world I started dance lessons at Flora Gattina’s Amsterdam School of Burlesque. It felt like I found my home.

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CD Review The Wheelgrinders – Torque Flite Baby

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Rockabilly trio The Wheelgrinders, Vancouver Canada, already introduced a few weeks ago on Rockabilly Online, has released their debut CD “Torque-Flite Baby”.
And what a debut!

The CD was recorded at Bryan Adams’ The Warehouse studio in Vancouver as well as at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN. The album title “Torque-Flite Baby” is written about their 1957 Dodge Coronet car which has Torque-Flite transmission.
The CD is filled with 12 songs; four songs are written by Greg (guitar and lead vocals), like Hangry Baby, Betty Lou’s got a new tattoo, Space Rabbits Go! and the title track Torque-Flite Baby.
But you can also find some fifties originals in a up tempo version, like Hip Hip Baby, Uranium Rock, Jungle Rock, Tag along and Good night Irene.
By hearing the songs, you wouldn’t say that this band only played together for 2 years; there is an incredible energy and enthusiasm. Rockabilly at its best!

Caroline (upright bass) and Stuart (drums) take care of the necessary rhythm as if they had never done anything else. Greg has an authentic voice to complete a real fifties sound.
For the Rockabilly fans in Canada, make sure you see them in action. When their gig is just as catching as their CD, it is definitely worth it. And for the Rockabilly-lovers overseas, hope they’ll visit your country someday….

The Rechords – New Vinyl Release

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Melbourne trio The Rechords started their career in 2009, building quite a strong local and evergrowing overseas following, performing in the realm of over 450+ shows.
The guys from Australia have a full sound for acoustic guitar, electric guitar and upright bass, but it’s the 2 and 3 part harmonies and varied lead vocals that give this band it’s individuality and punch.
With their self-written songs, they have a unique style, closely related to Americana, with an influence of old timey Hillbilly, Bluegrass, alternative country and traditional Rockabilly.
They’ve played pubs as well as festivals all over Australia, but even the USA and Europe.
Their discography includes 2 full albums; “Bottom of the Barrel” released in 2012 and “Live Rechording” released in 2015.

Over the last 8 months they’ve hit the studio and that has resulted in 10 amazing tracks. Each 2 to 3 months a double A-side Vinyl record will be released along with a digital download.
The first release is the limited edition of the 7 inch vinyl with the singles “Mockingbird” and “Seeing things”.

Check out their website for more info: and

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Danger*Cakes “Gloomy Girl” tour

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Danger*Cakes is bringing their brand of southern Riot Grrrl Soul and Old School Rock and Roll to the Northeast U.S. this October. The Austin based All-Female Rockabilly band is touring in support of their new three song EP and follow up to albums, Quarter Life Crisis and Dessert First, entitled “Gloomy Girl.” Inspired by the comically wry misadventures of “Ms. American Pie,” lead vocalist and upright bassist, Jamie Bahr, this tongue in cheek anecdote aims to lift the spirits in times of chagrin. Playboy Mexico said, “This young female group rescues Rock and Roll!” Find out why for yourself. Check out for tour dates and release details.
Tour Dates Include:

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The Wheelgrinders

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Tell us about your band
We are a traditional three-piece rockabilly band; Greg on Guitar, Caroline on Upright Bass and Stuart on Drums, from Vancouver BC, playing a mix of original material and our own revved up versions of classic rockabilly songs. We got together in May 2016 after all three of us spent time with other rockabilly and roots bands from Vancouver. Greg and Stuart were playing in a rockabilly trio and we needed a new bass player so Stuart suggested Caroline who had played, recorded and toured for years with Big John Bates, as did Stuart. So The Wheelgrinders were formed and the rest is history.

How did your love for this music start?
Greg: The very first music I ever remember hearing was Fats Domino. When I was three years old I remember singing “Don’t Blame It On Me” down the phone to my Gran’Ma. My biggest influence though is Eddie Cochran, closely followed by Carl Perkins…it was listening to them as a kid that made me want to play rockabilly. Modern rockabilly artists I admire very much are Paul Pigat and Darrel Higham.

Do you write your own songs?
Yes we write our own songs. Greg wrote four of the songs on our debut album and he has a few more ready for our next album. Caroline also writes original songs for us and these will also be on the next album. We haven’t specifically written together as a band but we do all contribute to how the arrangements are put together for our live shows. The original songs are a mix of reality and fantasy. “Hangry Baby” and “Crank It Hard” were written after experiences we had on the road…but songs like “Space, Rabbits Go!” are pure rockabilly fantasy!

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Kitty Rose & The Rattlers

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Kitty Rose & The Rattlers began as “Rockabilly Kitty Rose” two years ago on the East Side of Atlanta, Georgia.

Kitty Rose began back in the 20th Century as the leader of a classic country western band in Northern California. After a successful career in the country western world, touring across the United States, opening for folks like Southern Culture on the Skids, Aaron Tippen, Cake on major stages, performing from The Bluebird Café in Nashville and Tootsies, to Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, and releasing two albums “Greatest Hits” (2005) and “Live at the Ryman” (2007), Kitty pulled off the country circuit to find a muse even closer to her heart, rockabilly.

Describe your music style. Original Southern-Styled Rockabilly with a Jump Swing sensibility. We do not perform covers (unless appearing in tributes like Hollyfest) and tailor ourselves in the Bellfuries/Big Sandy/Imelda vein.

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King Drapes: Rockabilly with attitude

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King Drapes is a Finnish rockabilly trio. They describe their music as: Rockabilly with attitude. The band has recorded music for seventeen different record companies and has traveled around the world for example in Finland, England, Spain, the United States, Sweden,Italy, Bosnia, Estonia, Germany, Russia.

How and when did you start

The band is founded in 1997 . We probably started like the other bands, desire to play music.

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