The Test Pilots

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the test pilotsI had some great guests over at my house, one was Tony, guitarist of the Swedish psycho/ neo rockabilly band The Test Pilots.

He visited my hometown Rotterdam in the Netherlands. A nice intelligent guy. Really interested in towns architecture, culture and history. And also a beer lover. We sat down at the Fenix Loods to have a beer tasting experiece. Small glasses of nine different beers.

Tony told me about his band with Matt on bass/ vocals and Pat on drums. He plays with Matt for ten years now, but with the Test Pilots for three years.

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pinup of the week: Asah Spades

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asah spades
Pinup Name: Asah Spades

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Ruby Dee And The Snakehandlers – Little Black Heart

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Ruby Dee

Ruby Dee

From Austin Texas I received Ruby Dee And The Snakehandlers latest album: Little Black Heart. The front cover heavenly blue with roses and in the middle Ruby-Dee’s eight arms holding all kinds of objects. It’s a bright picture with kind of a dark story. In 2008 Ruby-Dee , (singer and songwriter) was in a pretty bad accident, which hurt a part of her brain and affected her ability to speak and remember words. Somehow she found the strength to work hard to recover and she did! The evidence is here in my hands, their album Little Black Heart. 1 cover and 12 originals written by Ruby-Dee and guitarist Jorge Harada.

A great variety of uptempo rockabilly, rock and roll, western and country.  With steel guitar on “Little black heart” they’ll take you on a western trip. In Pretty little Kitty you’re caught in a Fever groove, and then in a double time rockabilly rhythm. Great!

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Pinup of the week: Billie Stardust

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miss zolaHello dolls and daddys,
My name is Miss Zola De Milo. I’m 35 and only got into the rockabilly/pin up scene about a year ago and I absolutely love it. This is my fist contest. I love classic cars, vintage clothing, art and am a Geek at heart.

Miss Zola

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Graceland auctions August 13th, 2016!

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Elvis OutfitGraceland Auctions again for their bi-annual Elvis Auction at Graceland. This auction on August 13 features Elvis collectibles like a signed and inscribed guitar case, owned and worn gold and diamond ring, Elvis Presley owned 1971 Colt Lawman magnum revolver, and more! There are nearly 200 items up for bid.

Elvis owned a lot of clothing during his lifetime, but few outfits scream “ELVIS” like the offered trio of a jet-black shirt, pants and metallic gold belt. Included with the lot are a trio of snapshot copies taken on the front porch of Graceland. The photos are of Elvis with Priscilla, Elvis with Billy Stanley’s cousin Teresa and one older gentleman (most likely a Stanley family relative). Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Graceland Authenticated.

Lot 144: 1969 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Black Shirt, Black Pants and Gold Metal Belt Ensemble

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Pinup of the week: Miss Cherie Ann Mystery

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SER_4089bwMy name is Miss Cherie Ann Mystery. I am also primarily an Actress in film, tv and theatre.
and was a Marilyn impersonator in LA!

My love of acting began with the 1940’s and 1950’s stars and classic films. Rita Hayworth, Clark Gable, Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Ava Gardner and especially Marilyn Monroe. Since a child I loved the classic films. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Some Like it Hot, The Misfits, All About Eve, Double Indemnity, Notorious, name a very few! So I studied at some great Method Acting schools like Brando and Marilyn did! Lee Strasberg, Stanislavsky Methods.  I worked playing Marilyn in Los Angeles. Even had a lovely older lady who was Marilyn’s real hairdresser, do my hair on the set of a film! What an amazing experience. I am currently actively pursuing great roles now. Plus modeling for magazines. I wish to remake say Double Indemnity or Notorious. Great films! I also absolutely love music from metal like Slayer and Pantera to Johnny Cash and Rockabilly!

Picture by Serena Star photography

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Pinup of the week: Miss Anomalia Wylde

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Miss Anomalia

I am an alt model from Croatia. I am mostly interested in pin-up and vintage style merged with modern, rockabilly, metal and latex sense of styles.

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Pinup of the week: Bouquet Betty

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michelle jiminez2

I am a published pinup model. I just had my very first pregnancy publish in Electric Pinup Magazine. I am a full time mommy.model.wife .During my free time I enjoy car shows.

I love living the rockabilly has no size I am beautiful even at 24 wks pregnant.

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Pinup of the week: CharlieMW

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charlieMw2I am a 37 year old mother of 5 boys in Dallas,TX. I ride horses, play coed softball, and work out 5 days a week. I used to weight over 180lbs, and now am down to 125 (size 0). I am currently training to become a fitness instructor. I got into modeling after making a pinup calendar for my husbands birthday and as a celebration of my new look. I have the distinction of being a comic book character in a comic book coming out this year (Mighty Andromeda)

Pinup of the week: Celia Foxglove

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Pinup of the week: Molly Graphite

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Molly graphiteMy Pin-up name is Molly Graphite. I am an aspiring pin-up model from a small town in Oregon. I come from a family of gearheads who sparked my love for hotrods, motorcycles, and pin-ups. I have 10 years of dance and karate under my belt and two adorable kids. My Facebook page is www. Feel free to “like” my page for more!
Love, Molly

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Pinup of the week: Donna

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donna (1)

I’m 40 years young and work for the NHS as an Orbital Prosthetist.
After a recent shoot which is normally fitness related I decided that I wanted to have some photo’s just me being me and I have always loved this iconic image which was so much fun to do. It’s so nice to show that even women with muscles can look sexy! Always dared to be different and for me the pin up style is so feminine and sexy. With thanks to Matt Shoemaker for the image.

Pinup of the week: Carlotta Raye

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jackieName: Carlotta Raye
Hometown: Waupaca Wi
New to the whole pin up girl scene but am addicted to it! Retro beachwear is my favorite!!

My one true hobby is embroidery. I love bringing the vintage crafts to the present! I have a passion for all things Vintage and teaching my 12 year old son to enjoy the simple classic way of life!

Carlotta Raye at Facebook

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Tattoo, Body Art and Street Art Convention

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FlyerMaastricht2016The Tattoo, Body Art and Street Art Convention in Maastricht is about to kick off again! During the weekend of February 27th and 28th 2016, the tattoo event of the southern part of The Netherlands will take place at the MECC Maastricht.

The Tattoo, Body Art and Street Art Convention is an international event in which tattoo artists from home and abroad participate. This convention is known for its warm, cosy and friendly atmosphere for visitors and participants. The fact that the artists this year will settle in the foyer of the MECC for the first time, will contribute to this even more!
Visitors can of course be tattooed, or simply admire the art of tattooing. One can shop and stroll along the various colourful stands with clothing, piercing, jewellery, and more. The Grimeshop shows body paint demonstrations and also paints the most beautiful art on visitors if desired. Of course, as always, there will be lots of attention for street art at the convention: various street art artists will participate and let their creativity run wild.

Back at the convention: The Tattoo Preservation Service, which uses a careful and scientific method to preserve tattooed skin after death. This way your tattoo turns into a work of art that remains forever. Religious organization ‘De Kracht van de Veilige Naald’ (‘The Strength of the Safe Needle’) is present again to promote the acceptance of tattoos and will be tattooing, free of cost, the symbol of the oldest religion in the world – Tatooism – on everyone that wants it.

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Auction at Graceland Januari 7th 2016

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Elvis AuctionThis auction, The Auction at Graceland, starts at 7:00 PM CST on the 7th. To honor the memory of his great talent, we are pleased to announce the opportunity to participate in the upcoming Auction at Graceland. This is the third Elvis auction we’ve held since last year. Elvis sang his way into the hearts of fans and his light continues to shine in the hearts of collectors and fans everywhere. His legacy lives on, and what better way to continue that than owning a piece of his history!

Here are a few lots for example:

Lot 24: Elvis Presley Stage-Used Guitar from January 14, 1973 “Aloha from Hawaii” Concert
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Shaking Bones “Gimme some more”

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artworks-000116278692-a5lqww-t500x500Shaking Bones are a neo rockabilly trio based in London. They recently released their last EP  “Gimme Some More” produced by Rolling Records. I listened to their title song on soundcloud and it sounded very good to me. I like the rhythm and blues influences with the harmonica mixed with rockabilly, so let’s see what this band is all about.

Tell us about the band

Shaking Bones were formed in London in 2014 when Luca Scaggiante met Loris Peverani at Tech Music School. Initially the band was a rockabilly/swing duo (drums, guit/vocals), then the two came across Garry Tyrrell Lynch, slapping double bass player, and began gigging all over the place as a more-aggressive trio.

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10th Anniversary Cruisers Rock and Roll club Belgium

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Dees Honeytones with Cruisers Rock and Roll club Organizer Cederic.

It was an honor to be invited to play on the big 10th anniversary party of The Cruisers Rock and Roll club in Vlamertinge Belgium. Cedric and his friends organized this event, with four bands, 5-o-matics (NL), Dan Cash and the Road Rockers (FR/BE), Tabasco Wild Band (FR) and yours truly Dee’s Honeytones. Also enough stands to buy your clothes, records and accessoires and very important dj Gegene!

We made some new Belgian and French friends. The cruisers members are like one big family. Everyone helped to make this event a big hit. The bands got a warm welcome. Also nice to watch the other bands.

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Vaudezilla! presents: Shimmy& Swing Chicago! November 18th

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anniekeithVaudezilla was born in 2008 when solo Chicago burlesque performer Red Hot Annie teamed up with Keith Emroll (aka Dick Dijon) to put their more than 20 years of combined theatrical production experience to work producing burlesque shows. Since then, they have injected a consistent display of vitality and originality that plays a key role in Chicago’s visibility on the national burlesque map.

nov18_original_livebandNow… Vaudezilla! presents: Shimmy& Swing

A night of burlesque performances and open swing dancing with live music performed by
The Flat Cats

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Ghost Surf Meets The Rapiers

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It doesn’t happen very often that a band surprises me for a second time around. But The Surfaders did it! Remember the article I wrote a while back ago about their first cd? It happens that i saw them a year later, at the Driveinn Barn. There I saw Stephen(guitarplayer at The Surfaders) again, and he told me about the new cd, and made me curious. He told me that the rockabillytracks were lost in translation, but the plan of vocals was still active. It would be the first performance with voice. I was most impressed! Title of this cd is A Greater Silence, being a spoof of the movie The Great Silence, a spaghettiwestern from 1968.

At the releaseparty

At the releaseparty

Spaghettiwestern seems to be a big theme on this album. There are a lot of cowboysongs on it, but the biggest treat is the fact that they added vocals to the mix! This album has a darker twist to it, more like the tracks of Zombie Ghost Train mixed with the sound of the Shadows or The Rapiers.

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Night out at Burlesque Kingdom

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2015 burlesque Kingdom (5)

Fay Loren

Burlesque Kingdom​ is one of my favorite spots for a night out. Live music and beautiful dancers in an area my daddy forbid me to go to: the Red Light district in Amsterdam! The best thing tonight is I got to play there with my band Dee Ann and the Nightcaptains.

It’s a small but cosy nightclub, where tourists and locals come for a drink and a curious peek into the world of Burlesque. Fay Loren is a burlesque dancer and the organizer of this Burlesque event. Twice a month on a Friday she invites a local and an international dancer to dance with her on the small red curtain stage. A band and a d.j. fill the evening with great music and presenter strings all the entertainment together.

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