Barrence Whitfield – Soul Flowers of Titan


The second new album Soul Flowers of Titan from Boston’s Barrence Whitfield and the Savages is out on Bloodshot records. It was inspired by the cosmic outlook of Sun Ra and elaborates on the Cincinnati-based King Records and Federal Records sounds of the 195



I’ve seen Barrence live a few times in the 90’s and also more recently a few years ago. He is so energetic, never a dull moment on stage with Barrence. In his voice you hear a touch of Screaming Jay Hawkins.

The album opens with a “flat tire” rhythm “Slowly Losing My Mind” supported by a sixties-ish Hammond sound and naughty trumpet solo.

“Pain” horns intro brings you also into that sixties-ish moment.

“Tall, black and bitter” is one of my favorites. Roaring Hammond and raw guitar sound, together in a straight rhythm and blues shuffle.

Ah, there’s that Screaming Jay Ha

wkins style, the dramatic “I’ll Be Home Someday”. Well done. However, Barrence, I expected you to scream, cry and howl more in this piece. Missed chance here. Haha. But I love this song anyway.

“I Can’t Get No Ride”, a seventies classic rhythm and blues rock, with smoking backing vocals.

I think this album never gets old, rhythm and blues, rock, ballad, Hammond, baritone sax, trumpet and songs you wanna learn by heart so you can sing out loud “Edie please!!!!”in your car and drum the rhythms on your steering wheel with your hands. People in cars driving next to you thinking: what’s he/ she singing? I gotta have that cd too!

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