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Which Pin-up Girl Are You?

Posted by Sophia Florence On September - 12 - 2018

Most people think that there’s just one kind of pinup girl. You know the red lips, winged eyeliner, Bandana, swing skirt, and all that jazz. And on your journey to finding your inner pin-up girl, you may want some elements of that look but want to spice it up a  bit. Well, you’d be surprised and to know that they’re many styles of pin-up out there. In this list, I’ll show you five types and styles of pin-ups that are sure to suit your style needs.

1. The Classic Rockabilly 

Photo source:

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5 Common Fashion Trends That Used To Be Socially Unacceptable

Posted by Sophia Florence On April - 14 - 2018

Photo Credit:

Being a woman in modern western society some of the things on this list are things we see or do in our everyday lives. But sometimes we take the little everyday things for granted and forget that not too long ago these things were shunned or even illegal and still are in some countries. From dying your hair to just wearing pants. Here are five common fashion trends that use to be socially unacceptable.

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Is Vintage Fashion Just Old Outdated Musty Clothes?

Posted by Sophia Florence On September - 1 - 2017

When talking about vintage fashion Many assume that it’s just cheap, used, and outdated clothing. Well, they’d be wrong In this article, I’m going to address common misconceptions about vintage clothing and show you how it can be a good investment if you know how to treat it.

If You Wear vintage print you’ll look like you’re wearing a tablecloth. If you’re trying to style vintage print chose a solid color that goes well with the print you choose. If you don’t and just pair vintage print with vintage print. It will look like you just like you stole your grandma’s tablecloth.

Vintage Clothes Are Foul Smelling.

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Cruisin’ Florida: Thrift Stores Palm Coast

Posted by Dee-Ann On November - 9 - 2016

What’s a rockabilly supposed to do in Florida? Come on be creative. Don’t expect a Betty Page store or Pin up girl clothing at the mall, but find the thrift stores to get your fifties stuff for cheap.


Paul’s Treasures

I must admid I didn’t expect to find anything fifties, while standing in front of Paul’s treasures collectibles store in Palm Coast, but I spent an hour in his shop and found some cool vinyl:

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Feminism or what?

Posted by Moulin On November - 16 - 2014

I have had many jobs in my 23 years of life and I have had to wear many uniforms with them. I have been a ‘punk’, a grunge goth, a Victorian goth, and now a rockabilly wannabe pinup star. I have worn many different styles and many different makeup-ed faces to (or lack there of). Some I fell into, some I was pressured into and some I wanted to be. I have battled with my body image and been pressured into looking a



certain way. Now I am coming to terms with my image and have a wonderful boyfriend to help me. My dream job is nearer now than ever and my wardrobe is, well I think. truly fantastic.

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Tweed Ride and Vanity Fair @Rockabillydam 2014

Posted by Dee-Ann On November - 14 - 2014

Tweedride (20)September 28th was the perfect Sunny Autumday for a visit to the towncenter of Rotterdam. I think that Rockabilly blood has been pumping in it’s veins for years. Bands were born in the Rotterdam area, like 44 Shakedown, Gary and the Wildcats, The Scam, Miss Mary Ann and the Ragtime Wranglers, The Ranchgirls. Furniture and clothing shops were here all along, spread all over town, but in one area vintage and retro shops are popping up and it’s mainly at the Nieuwe Binnenweg.

Tweedride (10)But before we’re off the the Nieuwe Binnenweg, the first stop is at the Tweed Ride Rotterdam, next to the Fenix Loods which is becoming a very vintage style trendy food plaza. Bike riders can join in with their vintage and fixed gear bikes dressed up in style. The ride is also sponsoring a project for youngsters who are stimulated to work on their future, by pimping old bikes and have them customized. A D.J. and some stalls with shoes, watches and other accessories surrounded the starting area of the ride, and ofcourse never forget to invite the barber to your party! It all created the perfect vintage atmosphere for this unique ride. However Tweed Rides have been organised in The Hague, London, Tokio, New York, Helsinki, Berlin, Rome and many other cities. For Rotterdam it was the second time.

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Hug Me Baby: Jeans that fit your super curves!

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 1 - 2014

Lady K Loves’ fantastic new high waist stretch jean, in a slim fit leg, cut for super curvy girls.

Do you have a hip to waist ratio Marilyn would be proud of? Is it a nightmare finding the perfect pair of jeans? Lady K Loves understand the frustration finding the perfect pair of high waisted jeans can be. Shopping can drive you mad! You either have to squeeze into a tight and uncomfortable pair of jeans or surrender and wear a bigger size that is loose fitted around your waist.

Lady K Loves HMB JeansThese amazing high-waisted and slim fit jeans are designed to flatter those super curvy figures. Hug Me Babies are the perfect pair of jeans that will embrace your curvy figure, accentuate your waist and also really comfortable to wear! Cut to be a snug fit and made from dark medium weight stretch denim, making them a figure-hugging and slimming pair of jeans. To sprinkle a little more perfection to these beautiful jeans, we added some more subtle elements so your bum looks visually lifted and slimmer, two-tone stitching, sweetheart yolk, and riveted pockets.

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Lady K Loves V2 Pencil Skirt: Win A V2 Of Your Colour Choice!

Posted by Dee-Ann On September - 1 - 2014

 LKL V2 Wintermint webLady K Loves V2 Pencil Skirt In This Seasons Hottest Colours

Summer has flown by and Autumn is creeping in; crisp cold air, fallen golden leaves and dark evenings are approaching. It’s time to transition from your Summer Wardrobe to your Autumn Wardrobe and Lady K Loves has the perfect essential every office girl will love. The V2 Pencil Skirt.


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Rockabilly is taking over the Rotterdam (again)

Posted by Rocky On June - 21 - 2014
Photo by Terral Bouman

Photo by Terral Bouman

All of my 22 years here on earth I’ve lived in Rotterdam. I grew up with wild rockin’ stories about jivin’ in Jailhouse Place, and late nights at The Flaming Star. But those places are no more 🙁 So I traveled all over the country for party’s, thinking that rockabilly in Rotterdam is gone. Until the last few months!

It started with a event called “De Rotte Tiet”. In english, translates to ” the rotten titty”. But let me explain! The name came from a parody of The Titty Twister, from From Dusk Till Dawn! Born from the brains of Jesse van der Heijden and Dennis Klootwijk, the plan is to organize a party, where you can just be yourself. Guys can be just classy lads, girls can be pretty ladies! Not like the disco,hipster and hiphopin’ folk on the regular places. The evening is filled with dirty Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly, boppin’ tracks! Hans Worst is there to still you’re hunger with sauce, right from the grill. You can have you’re picture taken! And it goes on till late! I know, because I spinned the wax there! I danced like crazy when I didn’t spin. But the best part, I saw the older generation rockers and the newer generation in one place! So I highly recommend to go there! And I Look forward to the next edition!

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Rock ‘n’Roll trip to Geldrop

Posted by Rocky On February - 26 - 2014

The Red Fox, in Geldrop

As i was on a family vacation in Brabant, near Eindhoven Rockcity, because my grandparents had a golden wedding day (50 years), my family decided to go to Geldrop , to the Red Fox, the new shop from the rock and roll clothingsite The shop was opened recently by Jack Plantaz and his wife Liesbeth, and they specialize in steady-clothing, Rumble59, swingclothing and dresses. When we got there, she offered us a cup of coffee and a coke, while we waited and tried on some steady-blouses. I tried on a model with nice V8 shaped buttons. And being the ted that I am, I tried on some nice pointy creep soles with buckle 😀 Liesbeth told us about how the site started as a hobby, and that it got a little out of hand! She also had ideas to get customers to the shop, for example she advertised with free beer and burgers on Sunday, and she’s planning for a tattoo artist to come in the shop! We left the store with a bag full


Entrance of the diner

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Born Bad in Paris

Posted by Miriam On August - 6 - 2013

DSC00175This summer I’ve visited Paris in France. Because it was the third time on a row and I’ve already seen all the highlights, I thought it would be a great idea to plan a ‘Rockabilly-day’ in this beautiful city of lights.
It’s crazy to walk through the city with 38 degrees Celsius and hope to find a shop, so I was well prepared and looked it up at the Internet.

The first stop was at BDSC00167orn Bad Recordshop in the 11th district (11 Rue Saint-Sabin). A record shop with its own label that has signed excellent French rock groups. But they also got an array of cool sound, from punk and 70s rock ‘n’ roll, to blues and hardcore. There’s even a special rockabilly and 50’s section.
A shop not to miss. But that wasn’t all, they also got a sister store nearby in the district Bastille (17 Rue Keller) called Born Bad Retro Clothing. As soon as I walked in, it really made me feel like I was in the fifties. The store was very nicely decorated and they offer a wide range of Tiki collectables, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes, Rock ‘n’ Roll books, lots of jewelry and of course bags which I couldn’t resist….DSC00168
Very friendly staff who gave me the opportunity to shoot some pictures.
Just a shop to visit, whenever you’re in Paris!

And what is a better place to end your shopping day in style? To have a burger and a milkshake (or something else like a Be-bop Bananasplit) in Happy Days Diner.
A diner with american specialties in a fifties decor. In Paris you can find 5 of these diners, but also in other French cities like Lyon, Lille and Biarritz.

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CONTEST: Baby stuff to win!

Posted by Miriam On March - 1 - 2013

Last October we’ve already introduced you to the fabulous company from New Jersey USA, Sourpuss Clothing (
An independent company, started in 2000 and specialized in awesome gear with style.
Besides all the accessories like handbags, hair goods, hair care, jewelry, patches, sunglasses, house goods etc. they are specialised in clothing for men and women.
But don’t forget the kids. For young and older kids they’ve got really nice stuff.
To promote their awesome baby stuff they’ve come up with the idea to run a contest for our readers.


This is the opportunity to win this great baby stuff. What you need to do?
Well, make a picture of yourself with your baby, dressed up in rockabilly style and send this picture before March 15 to this address:

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Swing ‘n Rock clothing: work hard and follow dreams

Posted by Dee-Ann On February - 6 - 2013

It’s not the fifties nor the forties… at the French Swing ‘n Rock clothing shop it is all about the twenties era. I asked Herve about their interest in selling twenties inspired clothes.

WPUBLLROVEG2FINALe are a couple fascinated by the clothes of the 20th mid era. The way that the pictures and the films or documentary inspired us and invited us to follow this dream. On the begining as every body, our knowledge were low, but after few years, we found our goal, propose to the french rockabilly and swing dancers some clothing products which were very difficult to find or never saw in our country. Lily’s Rock was the first to propose the Betty Page clothing products, A2M tried to propose differents bowling shirts known or tee’s and work with the amazing Pike Brothers denim.

Now we are in negociations to propose woman clothes reporduction, and men’s clothes too. It’s the adventure of our life. We place all we have, our time our jobs our health too ’cause trust me it’s not an easy way but what a pleasure to see people happy and dressed in the way they desires.

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Lady K Loves is proud to present: The Le Wild.

Posted by Dee-Ann On February - 1 - 2013

 Le Wild Jeans Front Hip SmallIt’s time to go wild!

Lady K Loves Classic jeans have been a great hit with our discerning customers but because they are cut for a curvy figure those of you with a little less hip or booty have been missing out! But pout no more!  Lady K Loves is proud to present a new style in their denim offerings: 

The Le Wild.

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Showgirl Adventure: Viva Las Vegas 15

Posted by RubyJoule On December - 24 - 2012

I had heard that the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend was the mecca of rockabilly culture in the world.  This wasn’t much of an exaggeration, as I found out.  There was a massive car show, live music on several stages almost around the clock, a vibrant marketplace, pin-up contests, swing and jive dancing, a fashion show, and of course, burlesque.  The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada became the center of the rockabilly universe for a long, 4-day weekend in April with attendees coming from all over the world.

Official VLV Poster, art by Vince Ray

Official VLV Poster, art by Vince Ray

I arrived Thursday morning after an insanely early flight from Texas and dearly wished I could go back to sleep! More pressing, however, was that afternoon’s rehearsal and fitting for the Secrets in Lace fashion show.  I hadn’t seen what I’d be wearing yet, but I’m a huge fan of the high-quality, retro-chic brand, so I was very excited.  Off to the showroom I went, back to the dressing rooms where other gorgeous burly-Q girls were already trying on their glamorous underpinnings.  LouLou D’Vil ofFinland looked fierce in violet and leopard print from the Bettie Page collection, and Medianoche of Spain was divine in pink.  The ever-charming Dan Whitsett, CEO and mastermind behind Secrets in Lace presented me with the ensemble I was to wear, and I fell in love instantly.  It was the dreamiest, most delicious shade of mint green, and included silky undies, garter belt, a delicate brassiere and robe.  The shoes and stockings would be fit separately.  “! thought this would go nicely with your hair,” Dan said.  How wonderful of him to consider a redhead’s particular color scheme! But then, he is in the business of making ladies look even more luscious.  Several pairs of stockings were tried until I found just the right fit. The all-nylon fabric of these coveted silkies has no give, so a perfect fit is essential.

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Sourpuss Clothing; for an outfit with style!

Posted by Miriam On October - 26 - 2012

We’ve really got a nice request; this time from Sourpuss Clothing from New Jersey, USA.
Sourpuss Clothing is an independent company, started in 2000 and specialized in awesome gear with style. Lots of style. Not only rockabilly, but also for a rock or alternative style you can order here.
But they don’t only sell clothing for guys, gals and kids, they also have lots of accessories like handbags, hair goods, hair care, jewelry, patches, sunglasses, house goods, you name it, they’ve got it.

They sell their own brand Sourpuss, but also over 4000 items from other favourite brands like Tripp NYC, Kreepsville 666, Attempt, Paperdoll, Lucky 13, Felon, King Kerosin, Dickies Girl, Toxico, Rock Rebel, Lux Deville, Sin in Linen, Lip Service, Steady, Pin up Couture, Hell Bunny, Loungefly, Retro A go-go, TUK, Iron Fist, Special Effects, Liquor Brand, Heartbreaker Fashions, Switchblade Stiletto, Sullen, Trophy Queen, Sailor Jerry, Rock Rebel, Kustom Voodoo, Manic Panic, Bordello Heels and many many more brands.

To begin with, we would like to first introduce you to the men’s line.
For the men they’ve got beaters, button downs, footwear, hooded sweatshirts, outerwear, pants, polos, shorts, sweaters, band t-shirts, t-shirts long sleeves, t-shirts originals, track jackets and of course belts, belt buckles, grooming, hats, ties, wallets and other kinds of accessories.
Every week you can find new arrivals on the site, so it’s interesting to keep this in mind.

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Real Deal Vintage clothing

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 21 - 2012

Real Deal Vintage

Rockabilly Online’s Rhythm Rocker revue on October 27th, is not only about music, but also about a barber, a photographer and… vintage clothing.Once a month there’s an art market in Rotterdam, called Swam Market. It’s inside the Rotabs building, which is like a small art mall. Real Deal Vintage is one of the shops in the Rotabs building. Willem van Dullemen is the owner and passionate Vintage clothing collector. I know Willem also as a fabulous blues guitar player.

How did it all start Willem?

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A Stitch in the Day

Posted by Moulin On July - 20 - 2012

Becoming a rockabilly fashionista can be expensive. So is there a way to beat the recession and look fabulous while saving money? Why, yes my lovelies, there is.

Why not make your own clothes? Afraid of sewing, or can not sew for toffee, well don’t worry, there is a way.

YouTube and other sites of the like can give you tutorials on sewing techniques, tips and tricks. I myself am venturing into the world of making my own clothes and was overwhelmed by the very thought of it. I can not sew, I thought, my clothes will look home made and drab, I kept saying. But this is not the case. Although I haven’t made anything yet, I am collecting all the internet pages and YouTube tutorials I can see in order to familiarise myself with the very notion of sewing.

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Get y’r kids dressed at Rockabilly Kids

Posted by Dee-Ann On May - 9 - 2012

Rockabilly Kids

Rockabilly poppa’s and momma’s, get your kids and get ready to get them dressed at the brand new shop: Rockabilly Kids. Janet is the founder of Rockabilly Kids.

Rockabilly Kids

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Showgirl Adventure: Montreal Burlesque Fest 2011, pt. 2

Posted by RubyJoule On December - 25 - 2011

We must have had more fun Friday night than we knew, because no one could be roused until 1:00pm on Saturday!  I popped a flower in my hair and walked with Michelle L’Amour and David around the corner to Roberto’s for lasagna and cappuccino; the breakfast of burlesque champions.  They had an awfully tempting selection of gelato too – perhaps we would come back later for that.  The front of the café was open to the sidewalk, so we sat in the delicious early afternoon breeze and watched passersby.

Later that day, some mutual friends of the festival from Las Vegas, Heather and Rolando, drove me into Old Port, the historic district of Old Montreal.  Eroded cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, art galleries, and umbrella festooned sidewalk eateries marked this wonderful part of the city.  The solid old stone buildings towered on either side of the streets, at once gracious and imposing.

Since Heather and Rolando had not joined us for the “breakfast of burlesque champions” earlier, we stopped at a little sidewalk bistro, Le Sauvagine, with tables nestled beneath giant orange umbrellas.  I ordered a rosé and gazed at the people passing by from behind my big dark sunglasses.  Then… a familiar figure emerged from the crowd.  Rolando exclaimed, ‘look who it is!’ The lovely Roxi D’Lite (BHOF Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2010) was headed our way.

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