Crazy Times Album Reviews 2

Posted by Rocky On May - 3 - 20132,895 views

Part 2 – Boppin’ Neorockabilly Style

There was more vinyl in there! A LP by the Boppin’ Gliesers called Gotta Have My Way.  Because the front had planets, stars and rocket ships on them, I strangely enough immediately thought about the neorockabilly band The Space Cadets. The four men, Flying jimmy on lead vocal and double bass, Crazy Eddie Strings on Lead Guitar, Gaybeul on drums, were on the front as well as the back of the LP. I know Crazy Eddie Strings from his other band, the Revival/Teddy Boy influenced Spunyboys. So this looked promising.

The Boppin' Gliesers (Crazy Eddie Strings, Flying jimmy and Gaybeul)

The Boppin’ Gliesers (Crazy Eddie Strings, Flying jimmy and Gaybeul)

Enough talk, let’s listen! When I putted the needle on the LP, I was awake immediately! The First song, One Night Woman, was a fast rockin’ song with a lot of bass and voice. And they don’t lose their tempo there. The third song I would put in the category “Bopper”, it’s a very fast foot stamping song! And of course the song Boppin Gliesers, to let you know it’s not the time to sleep, but to bop!

On the B-side we have the titel song from the LP, with a very raw voice of Flying jimmy. Wild Wild Man has some awesome guitar rifs in the song! Lovely Witch is also a Bopper with a lot of guitar.  The other tracks on the B-side, Why and Gang Bang Boogie, are both very nice Rockabilly-songs with, again, a lot of action from Crazy Eddie Strings. But i think its the combination of voice, drums,bass and guitar which makes this LP so uptempo Neobilly sounding 😀

Some real Neobilly music here! I liked it so much, that I turned it over and started listening again. My conclusion: Some heavy boppin’ Neo-rockabilly on this LP! A lot of electric guitar play and a raw voice! And that is why I personally recommend this album 😀

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