Natalie Ross ‘The thrill of it all’

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Nathalie Ross sent us her video, and I think it is close to the Rockabilly lifestyle so, I got curious about this songwriting woman.

Natalie Ross

Natalie Ross

My name is Natalie Ross and I write and perform 1950’s inspired quirky pop songs. I am based in Surrey, in the UK. I write all the songs myself and I’ve just released a brand new EP influenced by movies from the late 40s and 50s called ‘The thrill of it all’. It was recorded and produced by Charlie Andrew (British Mercury award winner 2013) at Iguana studios in Brixton, London. I perform my music with my amazing band and solo. I am performing at many vintage loving events in the UK this year including the Goodowood Revival and Twinwood festival. I really love doing what I do. I am obsessed with the late 40’s and early 50’s fashions and I dress in the style every day. I am very inspired by the music of the time, but I like to put my own modern twist to both my music and my fashion. 

‘Wonderful Polka Dot pop that would sound as good in your smart phone as it would playing from your nan’s vintage transistor’ BBC Introducing.

Natalie Ross

Natalie Ross

When did your passion for the old days start?

Growing up I spent many weekends and holidays with my grandma who adored the old movies and film stars from the 40’s and 50’s. I would watch them with her and she loved telling me the gossip about each star and their real names. We would swoon at the heart throbs and sing along to the songs. I soon got into the hair styles and glamour in a big way and the overall imagery. I fell in love with a film called ‘Gypsy’ with Natalie Wood, you must see it if you haven’t, its fab! Entering my twenties I’ve tried different styles of fashion but nothing has felt as comfortable as 40’s/50’s shapes, I am very petite but curvy so it suits my body shape perfectly. Falling in love with the fashion I started listening to doo wop, barbershop, rock’n’roll, motown and the popular ballads of the time and tried writing in the style. It felt great and I found the style suited the texture and tone of my voice too. I have a very eclectic taste in music. But there are some key women who have helped shape me into the singer, songwriter and performer I am becoming. Kate Bush – her individuality and unique style and infectious song writing has been a massive influence in my life, Joni Mitchell – her song writing and raw vocal quality are so courageous and heartfelt, Fiona Apple- I love her play with words and vocal tone, Ella Fitzgerald – she is the mother of vocal technique and ability, I love jazz and swing! Lastly Dusty Springfield’s vocal has a depth of emotion and sensitivity that I will always aspire to.

Natalie Ross

Natalie Ross

Do you have special plans for the future?

To write and record more songs with my fabulous band and release them. I would also like to tour around the US and Europe.

Is there an artist you would like to work with?

I would love to work with J.D. McPherson or Trouble Vintage or even write and record with a full brass band, that would be so amazing!!

What’s important, musical quality or stage fun?

I think it’s very important to have both. I make sure my band and I are all looking the part and well practiced before we do any gigs. It’s much more fun for us and when we feel relaxed and confident with the songs and the set then we can put on a great show and enjoy it too. I go to see a lot of gigs too and if the act look interesting and sound amazing, then I’m sold.

find out more about me at…

Natalie Ross

Natalie Ross

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