Hotrodded Bullfrog Rock and roll/ Rockabilly festival (NL)

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 15 - 20133,681 views

LIMG_0122Such a great atmosphere at Hotroddedbullfrog a festival that started in 2011, attracting 900 rock and roll fans to six cafe’s. In 2012 the amount almost doubled. This year Seven Rock and roll/ Rockabilly bands in seven cafe’s. C.C. Jerome’s Jetsetters, Vibro Kings, The Tinstars featuring Little Esther, The Taildraggers, The Hi-Tombs, 68 comeback and Dee’s Honeytones.

We got a warm welcome by Carla and Cor the owners of Café de schouw, a very cosy place where they usually play Rock music as Cor told us. With d.j.’s and occasionally bands.

I was planning on visiting Esther, but we were on a time schedule and played at the same time. It was raining so even during the breaks we didn’t get the chance to do a quick run to eachother, because we don’t wanna mess up our “wigs” as Esther said in a whatsapp message, haha.

The crowd loved our songs and rhythms. they were singing along, took pictures, danced, etc. We had a great time! Thanks to Arno Linkels and Ad van Poppel for organizing this great event, to Fiona la Fievre for the great pictures, to Carla and Cor for the tasty sausage rolls and to our old and new fans!

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