Dee Ann and the Nightcaptains @Cultureel Cafe Ammerstol (NL)

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 30 - 20134,063 views
IMG_5164 - kopie

Picture by Regine van der Heiden

We have been there earlier this year at Cultureel Cafe Ammerstol. Back then there were serveral inches of snow. But today it was a spring day in autumn. You wouldn’t expect a nice stage in this little village built on dykes. There’s even not enough parking space. So our drummer for today, Rene was not sure if the place would be packed or just empty like it was, when we arrived.

Rene was our drummer replacement for today. Het got a very last minute call, three days ago from our original drummer Joe, he could not make it to this gig this Sunday. Rene is a great guy and an even greater drummer, so he would help us out and managed to study 36 songs in a very short time.

The place was getting full quickly. Everybody came by bike, so no parking space is no problem in here. And soon everyone was dancing, jumping and singing along.

The crowd in Ammerstol had a party, burnt at least 1000 calories on dancing, because we have 5 “Shake” songs in our set, Shaking all over, Whole lotta shaking, Shake a leg Jack, Shake a leg and Shake your hips. I bet you can name at least ten shake songs more.

IMG_5190 - kopie

Picture by Regine van der Heiden

As I said, we were on a roll, Rene followed our signs on breaks and endings, because we don’t expect anybody to remember 36 songs in such a short notice. He did really great! We enjoyed ourselves very much.
One man came up to me after the show, he had a sore throat from singing along, and wondered how long it would take to heal. I told him to take a couple of Whiskey’s and he would be fine! And another asked us if you would be our first groupy. I had to disappoint him, our first groupies are Jan and Tom from Belgium. But he would be our first Dutch groupie. He promised us to follow us everywhere we go on stage. That is great!!!

WE HAD A BLAST! Thanks Ammerstol for inviting us, the sound engineers did a great job! And thanks René Klein for being there for us.


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