Amsterdam Beatclub 10th Anniversary in Paradiso

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2013_Paradiso (16)On December 15th, we received the compilation album of the Amsterdam Beatclub released on the Sonic Rendezvous label. Our cover song “I shot Mr. Lee” is our featuring song amongst at least 20 other songs of other great bands who played for the Amsterdam Beatclub in the past 10 years. Way back in in 2008 we played for ABC in the Maloe Melo Amsterdam. It’s the first time a Dee Ann and the Nightcaptains song is released on cd and even on vinyl. Yes! The compilation is also available on a double vinyl album available at Sonic:

The festival started in the afternoon with yours truly.

I bought a new dress especially for that day. It’s so cool to be on stage at the former church where I watched Brian Setzer and Chris Isaak blowing me off my feet with their show. Inspiring me to release the musician in me too. I was excited, but not nervous. Right before our show started I told Mars and Wim I would have a quick run to the restroom, and would be back just in time. I heard them play Mediterranian Surf, our intrumental intro song. In the middle of the song I was already standing sidestage. The second song would be “Wiggy Waggy Woo”, so I started walking towards the mic, but Mars and Wim played “Rockabilly All the Way”. I thought: “What the heck? This is the one Wim is singing, why are they playing this song?” Immediately I realized they didn’t see me standing sidestage. So I jumped back behind the curtains again and tried to get their attention, waving and jumping. Joe saw me first, then Wim smiled at me, and then Mars’ surprised face. They finished the song, announced my arrival and finally… the show started WITH me! Afterwards they said they were worried about me being gone. They kept on staring at the door, but I was already there. It was hilarious.

Our new tourmanager Miriam (who I will introduce later) filmed us. Regine took the pictures.

The Ragtime Wranglers, a band we all know as Mary Ann’s and The New Ranchgirls band, finished the afternoon program, but the festival had many many bands in the evening and night. A huge party!


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