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Mars, Dee and Pat

Two weeks ago, I went to a cd presentation. It was the presentation of the newest cd by my friend Dee and her Honeytones. I bet most of you already know Dee and some of you might already know the Honeytones, but for those who don’t know, meet the members:

–          Dee-Ann, singer of Dee’s honeytones and Dee-Ann and the Nightcaptains. Also founder of this blog, rockabilly-online!

–          Mars, Slappin’ bass player of the band, also plays in Dee-Ann and the Nightcaptains and 69 Beavershot.

–          Pat Angel, Guitar player of the band.

–          And of course Joe on the banging drums! He too plays in Dee-Ann and the Nightcaptains.

Album Cover

Album Cover

Now, let’s talk business! They describe their music as boppin’ blues and rhythm. Enough boppin’ rhythm on this album! From track one (title track Hot Damn, with saxophone!) till fifteen, you just keep listening! And I don’t care who you are, if you’re listening to this album and you manage to not even lift a toe, you’re missing the rhythm 😛 Some songs have personal truths in them, like Hot date ( Dee was late for her first date with Mars)

My personal favorites are Hot Damn,Loving Man and My Baby!

Conclusion: his is definitely an album I will add to my dj-box (I recently became a DJ), because there are a lot of jivers on here. And I would recommend this cd to anyone who likes 40s, 50s jiving, boppin’ rhythm and blues 😀


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