Scumbash Part II

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IMG_7500Earlier this year I visited the First Scumbash in Rotterdam The Netherlands. I already wrote about it back then,

But now I realize I forgot to tell you about the main event of the whole day. First let me refresh your memory: The men of Schorem, Haarsnijder en Barbier have been in the Dutch media a lot lately, being one of the few vintage styled barbers in The Netherlands. Clients lining up in front of their shop, they don’t mind waiting for one or two hours. Women are not allowed in, dogs are. Men with beards and moustaches everywhere, with the greasy haircut. Even at the university, grocery store, shopping mall. They’ve shot the hype into the mainstream world. Barbers loving the vintage style of the thirties forties and most of all music!


IMG_7472Leen and Bertus started the first Scumbash in Rotterdam on February 22nd, 2014. 14 bands on three stages, playing at the Van Nelle fabriek in Rotterdam (NL). It was like a North Sea Jazz festival for scum! And that’s a good thing. Loudness is the main criteria for being invited as a band.

IMG_7528I was allowed backstage because I was with the guys of 69Beavershot. Two big stages and one smaller one in a gigantic hall of the Van Nelle fabriek. The Hillbilly Boogiemen were playing on the smaller stage while Batmobile was playing on the main at the exact same time. I got a view from those well dressed men from the back. Arnold told me later that they actualy declined the invitation on playing at the Scumbash because one of the bandmembers already had other arrangements on this date. But the guys from Schorem insisted they would play on the very first edition of the festival. So they worked with a replacement who had to study their repertoire in a very short notice. He did a great job. Although only the people in the front got the best sound. In the back they heard music echoing around of Batmobile. No one seemed to be bothered anyway, they all stood there watching the Hillbilly Boogiemen.

IMG_7638The main hall in front of Batmobile’s stage, was packed. We couldn’t even stand in the back. So we found our way backstage again. The Schorem Guys were standing there too enjoying the show of one of their favorite bands. Ain’t it grand, just being able to invite all your favorite bands to your own event, getting to meet them and watch all shows sidestage?


IMG_7628Batmobile did their all time favorite songs and the crowd knew every word, they went crazy. The guys too, you know how they’re like. Jeroen doing his gorilla walk, Eric’s raw groaning voice, Johnny had his own stage on stage.


IMG_7631Just as they were almost exploding with their music, the fuses did too. There was light but no sound. The band was a bit agitated, but the crowd waited patiently, although some were shouting and laughing about this incident. The sound came back, they started their song, crowd applauded, happy to enjoy the rest of the show, but again the fuses blew. Jeroen shouted: I payed a lot just to be able to play here! I want my money back! Then he dropped his pants! It ws hilarious. Not long after that the sound was back again and they continued their show, leaving everyone with great memories of his underwear.

IMG_7671We didn’t stay untill the end of the festival so we left through the back entrance, passed the dressingrooms. One couldn’t be opened for some reason, the guys of the Toy Dolls were waiting in front of it while everyone was running around with tools to get the door open. Why not get in between them and get my picture taken.

When we reached the backdoor, Leen of Schorem and Haarsnijder was standing there alone, having a smoke outside, feeling happy and content that their very first Scumbash Festival was a hit!

We are waiting for the 2015 edition!

IMG_7674  IMG_7686


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