Maloe Melo: home of blues and Whiskey

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 15 - 20143,264 views

2014_maloe_nc - kopieIt’s a real nightmare when a singer catches a cold, keeps on coughing all week and has to play in the weekend. But we all get that from time to time. One of my singing coaches was Mieke. She studied Theater and Musical at the conservatory in Rotterdam. She taught me some tricks to be able to keep ons singing while your throat hurts. It’s not the best sound you can get, but at least the show can go on, and it must!

My band Dee Ann and the Nightcaptains arrived at the Maloe Melo. It’s such a great place to be at Jur’s place. He gets a lot of cool artists every now and then. He met Chet Baker, Barry Hay of the Golden Earring, The Paladins, Candye Kane. Tons of bands and international artists want to go and be there at the home of blues. The walls and ceiling are filled with pictures and posters of them.

When we started playing everything went fine with my voice. But after five songs my throat started to hurt and I absolutely wanted to avoid coughing, or else, my voice would be gone. As a joke I told the audience that Jur and I agreed that when I start coughing, Jur would get me some whiskey to burn down the cold. Jur nodded from behind his bar and immediately poured me a glass. I took a nip, and wow… it worked. Jur helped me through with three glasses of his medicine, during the whole gig. I started to mix up some lyrics and even that I was the singer of the band, but that don’t matter, hahaha. The audience kept on dancing until the end and we (especially me) had a great time! 

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