Is there any rockin’ going on at the Barrel Organ Museum?

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2014_draaiorgel museum (3)Some people ask me, why are you playing at a museum? I do have to admit that I never thought I ever would nor could I imagine that it would be as crazy as it is at the Barrel Organ Museum in Haarlem, the Netherlands. First of all, the interior is quite unique. I have never seen such gigantic colorful organs, filling up entire walls. I can’t stop looking at them, because there are so much details, little dolls, musical instruments, beautiful woodcarving. The people who work there are eager to tell you everything about the history and working of each organ. I took a peek at the back of the big one behind us. They used to get their music from organ books. Each song has one book which consist of very long strips of carton with holes in it which controled the notes and instruments of entire songs (very long way to explain it, I know). Now they have a digital device containing thousands of songs.

They used to be part of traveling county fairs. Big tents with seats and tables on the side and a wooden dancefloor in front of an organ, being the heart of the county fair back in the days. Way back, before all the pumping bass and screaming electronic music that you hear nowadays.

Antique barrel organs are in this museum and still working, even playing rock and roll songs as loud as your ears can bear.

LIMG_0141Nice thing of Holland is you are alowed to bring your kids to every event and gig if you like. I think that’s cool because they are growing up with good music, such as rhythm and blues and rock and roll, which you don’t hear in general on radio and t.v. This little girl knows every lyric on our cd “Hot Damn”. I got a liiiiitle bit nervous, because I tend to mix my lyrics up every now and then, although I write most of them myself. So as she was singing along every word with me, I did switch the second and third verse of “Loving man”, and she looked at her niece, who was sitting next to her, with a very surprised face “this isn’t right!” Oops! She caught me.

2014_draaiorgel museum (6)Yvonne, the lady at the bar says she’s our number one fan, so you can imagine how thrilled she was when we were invited to play at the museum ON HER BIRTDAY! She made delicious spicy Indonesian meat balls for me to taste. They were awesome! She also made some extra cheese sandwiches for our vegetarian drummer.


2014_draaiorgel museum (8)We had a little gift for her, a white feather boa which she wore while dancing on our stage.

LIMG_0488She was very very grateful for the nice present, the attention and the whole evening, she couldn’t contain herself and thanked Pat, during his guitar solo, for all the fun and for him being his wonderful self. He sure did make one girl very happy! 😀


LIMG_0221Just when we thought, things couldn’t get any more fun… we got a big surprise ourselves because Elvis seemed to be alive and stepped into the building as if nothing has happened. He was so kind to sing a couple of songs with us. Blue suede shoes was one of them. The audience went crazy.   So if you still think, playing at the Barrel Organ museum is boring? You’re out of your mind! 😀

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