Christmas Swan Market at Fenix Food Factory Rotterdam

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2014 swan market (24)Rotterdam is becoming more and more vintage hip. The Swan Market is an art fair, which started in Rotterdam but has now it’s follow ups in Dordrecht, Goes and Antwerp (Belgium). Every month you can visit the Swan market in different locations in Rotterdam indoor or outdoors. Today December 21st, I visited the indoor Christmas edition in a hall near the Fenix Food Factory. The hall is located at one of the many Rotterdam harbours, where cruise ships often lay, but in the past mainly ships transporting goods from and to abroad. The hall was a depot for such goods. Now it’s empty and used for events like this. That makes this location very special.

2014 swan market (2)All kinds of handmade products, arts, vintage stuff and special food is sold. I had trouble keeping my money in my pocket. But these things I really really needed so bad and wanted it for a long time. Like this cute little purse with bamboo handle.2014 swan market (11)

Another cuteness is this red, white wall three wheeled Thai “tuk tuk”. They transformed it into an espresso bar. Classy huh?

2014 swan market (3)I have Always been a Norwegian winter sweater fan. At the stand of Agathe-M I bought this Original hand knitten made in Oslo sweater, real wool!


2014 swan market (5)For babies and toddlers, little pyama’s and underwear.

Should I bother you with the food I ate and bought? Oh well, a stand with delicious handmade English fudge, tempted me to choose between fudge with Whiskey, Oreo cookies, mint and chocolate, coconut and orange, nougat. Very pricy, so I just bought four big chuncs and cut them in four at home, to have one little piece with my tea.

2014 swan market (10)Outside, they had the Dutch poffertjes, Indonesian loempia, pastei, onde onde, Belgian Stoof, German glühwein. I just ate one loempia and it was delish!

2014 swan market (7)If you’re looking for vintage interior accessories or furniture, you could find it here too, for a very friendly price.

The area is called Katendrecht and has been kind of a pit stop for sailors in the past. It had a very bad reputation with hookers, gambling houses. But in the past 10 years the houses in neighbourhood have been renovated and now alternative restaurants and classic bars have been restored. You really should come and check Katendrecht (Rotterdam) out. You’ll love it. Just look at this: In front of a small restaurant, across the street they sold some furniture too, just on the street.

2014 swan market (1)Check out the next market at the swanmarket website. Or have a coffee, cheese, cider, beer, cake (from Jordy’s bakery) at the Fenix Food Factory website:

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