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Lexi DeRock is a self-described “pin-up in search of things bygone and glam.”  A blogger, musician, and fashionista, she has been involved with the rockabilly scene across the globe.  Below we get to know this buxom beauty.
lexi2First off, you’re a bit of a world traveler.  Tell us about that?

Yep, I am a bit of a Gypsy and love to travel!  I grew up in Hawaii and California and bounced around the states for a bit before making my way to Paris, France.  I went to Paris to take advantage of the Music and Fashion scene there and out of a love for the city and a desire to travel around Europe.  Initially I intended to stay for only a year or so, but ended up living there for about 7 years soaking up all that Paris and surrounding countries have to offer.  I’ve now been in Austalia for a little over a year and love it!  I came to Melbourne first a few years ago for about 6 months on a work holiday visa wanting to delve more into my music and since I had heard such amazing things about the music scene in Melbourne and I’d always like the Australians I’d met, it seemed an obvious choice.  As luck would have it the man who would become my husband is Australian so that’s what brought me back to this amazing country this time around.
On your blog, you describe yourself as “a plus-sized pinup.” What sort of role does being plus-sized play..if embracing vintage culture?
I think that vintage culture, and most “alternative” culture are often by nature a bit more accepting of things that are outside the mainstream norm.  Vintage fashions, especially of the 40’s and 50’s certainly flatter a more ample bust and booty and allow curves to be showcased in a way that a lot of more modern styles don’t particularly.  More so, I think there is a sort of embracing of what is different in vintage loving culture.  Crazy hair colors, tattoos, curves for days are all things for which a lot of retro lovers have a special affinity.  Of course there are those who are stark traditionalists who prefer their vintage to be authentic without any reproductions, the hair to be more natural and era precise and bodies to be unmodified as they might have more likely been 60 years ago, but for me it’s all about fun!  Taking what you love and making it your own.
Do you see yourself as a role model for plus-sized women in this scene?
I have never been asked that in the whole of my life!  Ha!  No, not really!  Maybe some other people do, and that would be very flattering, but I don’t think of it in those terms.  To me, a role model comes with some level of responsibility to those who aim to emulate your behaviors or style.  On my blog and in life I just attempt to share the things I love and that which others do that I find inspirational.  If other people take inspiration in that then I think that is fantastic!  I do hope that perhaps my body positivity inspires others to be kinder to themselves and love their bodies no matter what size or shape, and when someone tells me that something I post or a picture I shared helped them feel better about themselves that makes me feel great!  I think that’s one of the main reasons I like to showcase plus sized women and those with alternative styles when I can.  I think it’s important to remind people that no 1 standard of beauty fits everyone.  How boring would that be!
lexi3You’re also a singer, how would you describe your music?
I generally describe my music as “jazzrockbluesabillydixielandswingandsway”, mostly, because I can’t make up my mind!  My first album, Keeping Up With The Joneses  is mostly swing and blues and is one I wrote and recorded in Paris.  My Second Album which I recorded here in Australia the first time I was here with my amazing band The Sugarfoot Blues Brigade, and which I’ve yet to release is called Dangerous Curves Ahead and has a bit more of a New Orleans style jazz influence, but still has heaps of blues and swing.  The music video for one of the tracks called Put A Needle On It is up on youtube, and was heaps of fun to shoot.  I basically just filmed us having a blast of a party and then cut it down to the length of a song.
On top of everything else, you’re a business woman.  You recently opened Yankee Sweetheart. Tell us all about that?
I’ve worked as a hair and makeup artist for well over a decade now and one of the things that drew me to Paris was getting to work in the amazing fashion scene in that city.  Over the years I’ve learned what I love most and I specialise in vintage hair styles from the turn of the last century through the 70’s as well as hair and makeup for special occasions like weddings and have been had the honor of getting over a hundred brides ready for the big day and being published in several magazines and creating hair and makeup for beautiful designer collections.
My husband and I recently relocated to his home town of Geelong, Victoria, a lovely little sea side city and the opportunity presented to open my own brick and mortar shop and I just couldn’t resist!  Yankee Sweetheart is my pride and joy!  A cosy little retro inspired beauty parlour and vintage shop.  I’ve created an amazing vintage space I love to work in every day where clients get a one on one pampering experience.  I never really liked the in and out, go go go feel of a lot of modern salons with clients overlapping and dozens of stylists all working next to each other trying to talk over the loud music and blowdryers so I’ve created a space with only one chair so that clients never feel rushed and we can really get to know one another and chat.  I offer cuts, color, and styling for men and women as well as makeup and lessons for those who want to learn to do their own hair and makeup but need a little help.
I’m also big on supporting other local small business people so I’ve picked a handful of talented local designers of retro inspired goodies to sell their wares in the shop.  Right now I’ve got candles and purses and retro aprons as well as jewelry and hair flowers all designed and much made by hand from businesses within a few hours of the shop and I hope to turn over items every 3 or 4 months to give different local vendors a chance to shine and share their items with a new audience.
What would you say your proudest achievement is?
It might be a tie between finishing my first album and publishing my first book!  Both were really proud moments for me.  Finishing an album of all original material that I had written what something that just made me feel like I’d be leaving behind something I was really proud of.  A few years ago while living in Paris I teamed up with an amazing photographer friend Steve Wells, an amazing publisher friend Alicia Leblanc and a great artist friend of mine Charlotte Salvanés who did the cover art and the detailed drawings inside and created Decades of Style: A Step-by-Step hair and makeup guide the the 60’s and 70’s.
The book was a massive undertaking and showcases 8 looks from each decade with heaps of full color photos documenting each step and giving a little bit of history into each look and why is was important in that era.  It also packs in heaps of basics on how to set your hair, apply lashes, what hair and makeup basics you need and tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.  I love this book and it is something I’m hugely proud of.
Anything in closing?
I know a lot of people see hair and makeup and clothing as something frivalous that doesn’t really deserve all the fussing over it we all do, and in the grand scheme of war and poverty and disease I suppose it is.  But really for me I’ve never seen what I do as silly or unimportant.  The way we choose to look can change the way we feel about ourselves and the way we are perceived.  Giving people the tools to design themselves how they see fit is something I’ve seen transform the way people feel about themselves day to day.  I always say that life is too short and days are too long to spend it doing things you don’t enjoy.  I’m very fortunate to do things I love every single day and be a part of amazing communities and helping make people feel beautiful in some of the most important moments in their lives.  Thanks for letting me share what I love with your wonderful readers!Shop info –
Yankee Sweetheart
17 Church Street, Geelong West
Victoria, Australia 3218
Ph: 0407137699
Tues-Wed 10-6
Thurs-Fri 11-7
Sat 10-4
Weddings and special occasions on appointment.

Album – ( that’s an amazon link to  album)

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