A peek in the fifties interior of Manon and Jan

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20150505_124713I know Manon and Jan from the Cruise Inn rock and roll club in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A club that exists for more than 30 years. Manon does the band bookings for the Cruise Inn, for some years now.

They have plans for rebuilding their attic and needed to declutter, so they were selling some very nice fifties stuff. I visited their house to get five vintage ceramic doll heads.
It was a pleasant surprise when I found out that Manon was a die hard collector. Or am I exaggerating?
Manon says: “it always starts with one. For instance one flamingo. When people visit they notice the flamingo and next time, they bring you another. Same with pineaples, tiki’s, poodle statues etc.”

20150505_125122It is such a lovely interior, with mostly vintage furniture. The kitchen is a custom made American Kitchen style. The California dishes in yellow, green, blue and pink are nicely stacked in their self made cupboard. Manon: “I was driving past a house which as being demolished. I saw these doors and asked if I could take them. And I could. I saved them. Both doors are different but what the heck.
I always buy those vintage dishes whenever I find them so I have a lot. I use the vintage cups and dishes and sometimes they break, but that’s okay, because I have a lot of the same kind and color. I have met someone who also collects those dishes in all colors, but she never uses it. I get my tea in a normal cup from her.”

20150505_124845The window sills in the livingroom are filled with three pots and vases collections. They also started with one. Manon finds them on vintage markets everywhere. The vases with the dollhead painted on, are my favorite. The one with the brown woodlike stripe is called Cerateak, because it looks like teak wood.


Manon and Jan

Manon and Jan

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