Ghost Surf Meets The Rapiers

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It doesn’t happen very often that a band surprises me for a second time around. But The Surfaders did it! Remember the article I wrote a while back ago about their first cd? It happens that i saw them a year later, at the Driveinn Barn. There I saw Stephen(guitarplayer at The Surfaders) again, and he told me about the new cd, and made me curious. He told me that the rockabillytracks were lost in translation, but the plan of vocals was still active. It would be the first performance with voice. I was most impressed! Title of this cd is A Greater Silence, being a spoof of the movie The Great Silence, a spaghettiwestern from 1968.

At the releaseparty

At the releaseparty

Spaghettiwestern seems to be a big theme on this album. There are a lot of cowboysongs on it, but the biggest treat is the fact that they added vocals to the mix! This album has a darker twist to it, more like the tracks of Zombie Ghost Train mixed with the sound of the Shadows or The Rapiers.


I’ll list my personal favorites:

Track I – Dust from the sun

This is the titletrack of the album. A bit more on the spaghettiwestern side then surf, very relaxed to listen to from the very first notes to the last.

Track VI – Little Johnny from Hangman’s Tree

I like the voice on this track the best. It’s dark, almost demonic, with speaches about poor Johnny, being hanged. And the guitarslides during the first chorus are epic in my opinion.

Track VIII – Polkadot Succubus

This one is written about seductive women, that eventually takes over you’re life. The litteral translation of Succubus is female demon. And you can hear that! An even darker voice then on Hangman’s Tree, more bass to make the track sound even more dramatic. We all know that one person, slowly killing you!

Track XI – Thoughts of a Bikini Philosopher

On the happier note, a easylistening instrumental about bikini beauty’s! The melody takes you away, let you think about that one girl, in bikini, on the beach. Listen to this one with your love, because there’s a bit of romance in this track. In high contrast to Succubus off course.

In conclusion, I highly recommend buying this album! This unique mix between Spaghettiwestern and Ghostsurf, the voice on some tracks, its a great album! At the official releaseparty, I saw them again and they blew the roof off! Can’t wait for the next cd 😉



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