10th Anniversary Cruisers Rock and Roll club Belgium

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Dees Honeytones with Cruisers Rock and Roll club Organizer Cederic.

It was an honor to be invited to play on the big 10th anniversary party of The Cruisers Rock and Roll club in Vlamertinge Belgium. Cedric and his friends organized this event, with four bands, 5-o-matics (NL), Dan Cash and the Road Rockers (FR/BE), Tabasco Wild Band (FR) and yours truly Dee’s Honeytones. Also enough stands to buy your clothes, records and accessoires and very important dj Gegene!

We made some new Belgian and French friends. The cruisers members are like one big family. Everyone helped to make this event a big hit. The bands got a warm welcome. Also nice to watch the other bands.


Tabasco Wild band

I talked to a pretty young lady with a red scarf around her head and fair smooth skin. Her name is Cléo and she is one of the singers and guitarists of Tabasco Wild Band, with Luc also lead singer and guitarist and Alexandre their drummer. They are from Bethune France. “We both do lead vocals, both play electric and acoustic guitar and we have a drummer. No bass.” That made me very curious. How can you play with a drummer and no bass. They surprised me though, you can! Cléo has that sharp raw voice like young Wanda Jackson. That’s the way she sings all of the songs. Mostly well known rock and roll covers. Cléo and Luc take turns in lead vocal and their acoustic and electric guitar, to keep it interesting. I know they just started and admire their courage and commitment to play Rockabilly. https://www.facebook.com/TABASCO-WILD-BAND-852261318203637/?pnref=story

Dan Cash with Jess Wade

Dan Cash with Jess Wade

We also met Dan Cash and the Road rockers. They had their really nice roots rhythm and blues repertoire, along with some wild rock and roll. The Road Rockers are actually three bands. With Dan Cash on the lead. The King Riders with Jess Wade on the lead, mostly Elvis songs, and just the three of them with the bass player called mr. Beef as lead singer as well. Are those guys rock and roll musicians or what? They love to play! Mr. Beef is also a great sound technician. He handled the sound technics for all the bands that night.https://www.facebook.com/Dan-Cash-The-Road-Rockers-1620466994898548/?fref=ts



Before the show I saw our Dutch fellows of the 5-o-matics arrive in their band bus at the venue. A very popular band in the Netherlands to be seen on many festivals. They closed the evening after our show, joined by their marvelous saxophone player. Very nice guys from Vlissingen area (Netherlands). Their show has jive, rockabilly. People loved it. https://www.facebook.com/5oMatics/

We had a blast with our band Dee’s Honeytones, read more on our site http://www.honeytones.nl/?p=1014 and got some new Belgian fans. Cd’s flew out of our suitcase and people lined up in front of the stage to get their copy signed.
Lucy and John, organisers of Rockabilly Swamp (NL), told me they are in Belgium almost every weekend, because they are such a warm and enthousiastic people. Their parties really rock! That’s why Cruisers Rock and Roll club has so many members for 10 years already. Congratulations you all!

All pictures by Fred LeBacker https://www.facebook.com/Fred-Photographies-212875038738042/

Dee’s Honeytones https://www.facebook.com/Dees-Honeytones-169336013168272/?fref=ts

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