Pinup of the week: Madeleine Mayhem

Posted by Dee-Ann On September - 5 - 20162,497 views

Madeleine (1)


Ladies and Gentleman, Dames and Ghouls…………….Please hold onto your seats and do try and remember to keep all of your limbs inside our hellbound train….Take note of the sight before your eyes: This spooky lady with flaming locks of hair lives her life in a whirlwind land of sewing machines, horror movies, ink addiction, rock n roll and obscene amounts of MAYHEM!! Bottle fed music of all kinds by her beautiful mother, teethed on her fathers arsenal of artistic weaponry and taught to walk by her darling grandmother in jungles of fabric, buttons and bows, there is no shock this girls grown up to do what she does……. She is inspired by the glamour of screen sirens and scream queens, creatures who lurk in the shadows and monsters that go bump in the night…… Spending most of her time sewing for her clothing label DEAD END DAMES, strutting her stuff pin up styles, getting tattooed by various wonderfully talented people or lazing in her coffin watching B grade movies, she truly is living out her dreams and wouldn’t change anything in the world!
Madeleine Mayhem
International PinUp Model
Dead End Dames CEO


Picture by: Capture of Cthulhu

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