Cruisin’ Florida: Moonlite Diner

Posted by Dee-Ann On September - 9 - 20162,352 views

If you wanna have that fifties diner experience go to Moonlite Diner. You can find them in Fort Lauderdmoonlite (3)ale, Miami and Hollywood (FL). The building has the shape of an old train wagon, or an airstream trailer. It’s silver metal walls on the outside are really awesome.

The interior has the typical fifties basics: black and white checkered floor, fifties diner booths, bar stools. I love the ceiling, covered with detailed silver metal plates.
The oreo milkshake tasted delishous and comes in a tall glass and more served in an extra metal cup.
The pecan carrotcake however served with a smile however were tooth aching sweet. It’s nice, but I could not moonlite (4)finish it, it was too heavy for me. Maybe sharing one is an option. But… it’s a great looking fifties diner.


Ft Lauderdale
6201 North Andrews Ave,
Ft Lauderdale, FL


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