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Wim, the guitarist.

Wim, the guitarist.

Hello Folks, long time no review! I know, been busy with a lot of schoolwork and stuff, but now its musictime!

Two weekends ago I went to the CD presentation of the band Dee Ann and the Nightcaptains. You might know Dee as the admin and creator of this page 😉 This Rockabilly quartet, that proudly recieved the Tielman award from mr. Tielman himself, consist of the core of the rotterdam rock and roll scene. The met many years ago in the place to be for rockers in Rotterdam at the time, Jailhouse Place. My mom told me that Jailhouse was the same size as the bar we were in right now. This was in a small, dutch cafe, completlty in style of the title of the album, and when we entered, we heard some fine dutch cafe-harbour music 😛 Some rockers there asked me if i wanted to dj, but it was to crowded and didn’t have my records on me. 😉

Went to the bar and bought a beer, and soon they starTED playing. They played all the songs of the new album, and more! One that wasn’t on there, but stayed with me was the geniusly performed cover of “There’s A Guy Walks Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis” by Kirsty McColl. Wim, the guitarplayer, did a Chuck Berry impression, duckwalking on the floor, and the slapbass of Mars made this song sound as it was made for Rockabilly.

Oke, back to the album. I’m picking out my favorites down here. “Captains Dinner”, as the album is called,  features covers of songs by Gene Vincent (my second), jivers like “Ding Dong Daddy”, and Dee’s personal favorite, ‘Perhaps”. Also one of my favorites, because i really like ballads, and because of the Stray Cats’ verse in the middle of the song. This song about a lover wanting her parthner to stop doubting and go for her. The Stray Cat Strut chorus, sang by Mars, is ofcourse the manly answer that he wants to wander around as a Stray Cat.

Their version of “This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin'” reminded me of the version from “Little Tina and Flight 56”,  Ruth Brown with more electric guitar. From the Gene Vincent covers, i think “Right Now” to be the best, because “Gonna Catch Me a Rat” doesn’t have the angry  feeling of that version, or the original by Milton Treinier, making this more like a sweet ballad. Which doesn’t make this a bad song, like said earlier! Right Now has more bass, more aggresive.When i heard “Catfish Boogie”, i immediately thought of “Shotgun Boogie” by “Tennessee Ernie Ford”, because of the rythm and chords. Both songs are forcing you to dance. I liked it, and if few people could dance that night in the bar, i surely would take a jive 😀

In conclusion, a perfect CD to jive to. Packed with dancefloor fillers, some covers of famous songs and famous rockers, and simply a rockabillysound that is pleasant for the ears.




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