Dinneen Photography: “Make every shot count”!

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Photo by: Dinneen Photography – Model: Miranda Youngren

I have always loved the Rockabilly culture and music.

I have always been a big fan of photographers from the age of film. The beauty of black and white film and how it drew your eye to the essence of the photo. The drama and love affair between black and white and the intrigue it built in the composition. I also admired the photographers from the film genre that they had to make every shot count! They had 24, maybe 36 exposures or shots in one roll. I have always gone into a digital shoot with the same philosophy as the photographers from the film genre “Make every shot count”! It just happens that I love shooting with my manual camera as well as my digital camera. There are conveniences of the digital world but I make a point of not relying on post work. The art of lighting is something that cannot be replicated organically by a post program or photoshop. I also really enjoy spending the time lighting that is why I usually tell subjects or models not to touch my work if they post, most are very respectful of my photography.

I have always loved the art of the 1940’s, 50’s and the beautiful pin up photos. The women were glamorous and looked like women who unlike todays models, they didn’t look like they needed an IV bag of fluids. I photographed a beautiful model named Miranda Youngren in my homage to Bettie Page. I photographed Miranda with two cameras. I shot her on location with black and white film. I scanned the film negatives so they can be seen digitally and I photographed her with a digital camera in a studio and on location. As we know the famous pin ups had a Savoir Faire, a special charisma that cannot be copied. I was very lucky to have found a model that has that sexy, sweet girl next door with a touch of magic. The magical quality of a Bettie Page that was like seeing a unicorn. You may see it once or it may appear in our lifetime but it will never come again! I feel with a great model and being a connoisseur of Bettie Page photos, I was able to capture the ethereal beauty and sensuality of the Queen of the Pin Ups!

Photo by: Dinneen Photography – Model: Miranda Youngren

A few of the photos from my Bettie Page series is on my Drip Book page. My black and white hard copy series is matted and considered fine art and can be exhibited. I picked five to Matt and are ready to be shown. I have many beautiful digital photos.
Let’s keep Rockabilly, the beauty of the 40’s and 50’s alive!
Photos by Dinneen Photography

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