Harmonic Bells Ringing Everywhere – the romantic sound of the 50’s

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Doo Wop: it all started with guys under a streetlight, in de ghetto’s of America

Doo Wop. Harmonic multiplevoiced sounds, which started in the ghetto’s of America in the early fifties, by African-americans. Soon it was picked up by white groups and caught mainstream popularity, being a mix of pop and R&B(the early days R&B, not Beyonce 😛 ). It caught my attention because of the ’73 movie “American Graffiti”, a movie by one of my favorite directors George Lucas. Groups like the Dells, the Vikings, the Moonglows, Danny and the Juniors and off course Dion and the Belmonds really got me into this music. During my time on computerschool I remember playing a unofficial radiostation called doo-wopclassics.com. Every day the same songs, but it didn’t matter to me.

I had my first contact with this incredible band the Roomates, a Doo Wop band from England, when I started to become a Ted. On one of my dad’s cd’s, I found a song called You Could Have Told Me. It has been my favorite ever since, and im searching like hell for the single! I became crazy of this band, white Doo Wop with their own sound. So I contacted the guitarplayer of the band, Steve, and we started talking. I really wanted to hear the new album, so i could review it!

This is it. The one that started it al

I want to bring your attention to his latest CD. While I’m writing this i’m sitting next to my father in law, a great musiclover. I’m getting relaxed. A feeling I haven’t had in a while. Every song is in perfect harmony!  Don’t get me wrong, I love Rockabilly, Rock and Roll and all the wild sounds. But I started out, next to my Elvis and Shakin Stevens records, with the smooth sound of Doo Wop. And the Roomates deliver that feeling. I really loved “Sleepwalk” the most. Besides that I like the titletrack and A Thousand Miles from Nowhere, which are also on vinyl.  They really made the cover of Hushabye their own, giving it their own style. You’re Gonna Pay really feels like a rocking stroller to me, which I will bring with me if I spin somewhere on a rocking event! Every album has songs that you like a little less than the rest, and I think that Hey Mary Ann misses the feeling that the rest of the album has. Doesn’t mean that it is bad though!

In conclusion: I highly recommend this album. It sound smooth, romantic, harmonic, and the sound makes you relaxed, snap your fingers, tap your feet or makes you start jiving or slowdance. If you like Doo Wop like I do, you must get this album! If you are a 50s enthousiast, Rockabilly Rebel or just have enough of the modern sounds you here on the radio, go check the Roomates out!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/The-Roomates-uk-18287866434/

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