Candace Hilligoss, cultmovie actress in Carnival of Souls

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photo by Dinneen Photography

Candace Hilligoss is an author who used to be an actress. She has a huge cult following internationally with her film, Carnival of Souls. In this cult horror, black and white classic, Candace Hilligoss never leaves the screen. Her beauty and presence help make Carnival of Souls a favorite to many people including celebrities like Danny Devito, Gene Simmons of Kiss, Michael Jackson and Lana Del Rey.
Ms. Hilligoss, before her theatre and movie career she was also a Copa Girl at the world famous Copacabana club in New York City. Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis and others all were on stage when she danced behind them performing.

photo by Dinneen Photography

Currently and for the last few years, Candace Hilligoss has been an author. Recently her memoir, The Odyssey and The Idiocy; Marriage to an Actor, her new book has just been released. She now spends her time writing, doing speaking engagements, screenings and book signings.
You may find more interesting details on Candace Hilligoss and how to order her book on her website::
And for more exciting news, Lana Del Rey has recently collaborated with Ms. Hilligoss. Ms. Rey is mixing in Ms. Hilligoss’s voice from pieces of her movie Carnival of Souls into her new track called 13 Beaches. It will be on Lana Del Rey’s new CD coming out in the next year.

Candace Hilligoss, having grown up in the 50’s and Rockabilly era has a keen knowledge of the music and dance. She could probably still teach us all a few dance steps!

Watch the movie on Cadace’s website:

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