Kitty Rose & The Rattlers

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Kitty Rose & The Rattlers began as “Rockabilly Kitty Rose” two years ago on the East Side of Atlanta, Georgia.

Kitty Rose began back in the 20th Century as the leader of a classic country western band in Northern California. After a successful career in the country western world, touring across the United States, opening for folks like Southern Culture on the Skids, Aaron Tippen, Cake on major stages, performing from The Bluebird Café in Nashville and Tootsies, to Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, and releasing two albums “Greatest Hits” (2005) and “Live at the Ryman” (2007), Kitty pulled off the country circuit to find a muse even closer to her heart, rockabilly.

Describe your music style. Original Southern-Styled Rockabilly with a Jump Swing sensibility. We do not perform covers (unless appearing in tributes like Hollyfest) and tailor ourselves in the Bellfuries/Big Sandy/Imelda vein.

How did your love for this music start, which age, which artist. I have always been a big fan of roots rock and rockabilly. Bill Haley & The Comets, Carl Perkins all the way to early surf, Dick Dale, Jimmy Rogers and torch singers like Julie London and Patsy Cline. Then in my early twenties, Social Distortion, X and The Blasters turned my world around.

Who did influence you? Big Mama Thornton really threw me a blues curve early on, mixed with a healthy admiration for Bette Midler camp mixed with Patsy Cline class.

Do you write your own songs? Yes.
If so, where do you get your inspiration? Real life, or total fantasy.

For rockabilly, I have really rolled along with true life topics, simplified to their essence – drinking (Bourbon Bound) and its madness, my love of a good ghost story (I Saw A Ghost), real life living in Hollywood slums (Junkin’ Jimmy’s Car) all the way to simply thoughts like Missing the Train and Gotta Wind Down (caffeine addiction).

Do you write together? The final music is a result of everyone writing their own licks, rolls, contributing to arrangements and suggestions how to improve. The lyrics may be mine, but the music is all The Rattlers.

(Tell us about your latest cd) “Gotta Wind Down” was recorded over a year period and you will hear the changes in styles between guitars, leads and bass players. Recorded and mixed by Sean McPherson at East Atlanta Recording, those tracks were joined together through the brilliant mastering at Studio D, South Carolina. Now we have a steady line-up, we are rolling like never before with a new, solid sound, with me on bass and David Olsen on guitar.

What are your do’s and don’ts on stage?
Clothes, performance? What’s important, musical quality or stage fun? Of course, the quality of the music is high on our list BUT if it isn’t fun, then why do it? We are entertainers first and foremost – we are here for the audience, not the other way around. Do’s and don’ts: Always dress one notch above your audience; absolutely no shorts, tees or open shoes (hard in the summer here in ATL); and Kitty has to deck out every show – it takes me at least 2 hours!

Do you like other styles than rockandroll? I have everything from classical, jazz, showtunes, blues, classic R&B, even The Ramones in my album collection – vinyl only! The only style I’ve tired of is country.

Is there an artist you would like to work with in future? Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys

Where would you like to play, festival/? country/? event/? …We are hoping to keep to our current festival-only schedule, expanding to Europe next summer.

Tell us a fun story about your band or gig. Well, we performed at “Suck, Bang & Blow” (yes, a real outdoor arena) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was 100+ and 80+ humidity. By the third song, I was hoping to die. By the end, we were all looking like we needed an ambulance, so we took all the water bottles off the stage and started our own wet tee shirt contest. (Dave won)

Do you regret anything? Missed chance, big mistake, … Back in my country days, I was asked to tour with Hootie & The Blowfish. I could have gotten on the tour bus right there. I didn’t. Stupid. 2nd Big Mistake: Selling my 1965 Dodge Polara.

What are your future plans? September finds us back in the studio recording a new single (for vinyl of course!) named “Up Side Down” which will be ready for Holiday release!

Finish this sentence: we will never ever….play a stray cats song.


Rockabilly Kitty Rose & The Rattlers!

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