Pinup of the week: Maggie Leroux

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My name is Maggie Leroux. You might know me as the stage kitten of the International Burlesque Circus, the Amsterdam Burlesque Awards, the Burlesque Kingdom or many other great burlesque events in The Netherlands.

In 2013 I attended my very first burlesque show and from that moment on I knew this was the world I wanted to be part of. Intrigued by this seductive and mysterious world I started dance lessons at Flora Gattina’s Amsterdam School of Burlesque. It felt like I found my home.

Within a year I was stage kitten for several burlesque shows and left my pawprints where I could. As stage kitten I’m responsible for the setup and cleanup of each burlesque act in a show, so it can run smoothly and performers can focus on their perfomance. I have the privilige to work with performers, technicians and audience both on and off stage, which is very rewarding.

Maybe I’ll see you at a show someday! The next Burlesque Circus will be the 28th of October and the Amsterdam Burlesque Awards will take place at the 16th, 17th and 18th of November.

Photo: Mickael Björn

Hairstyling: Nataliya-Alexandra Makhortova

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