Which Pin-up Girl Are You?

Posted by Sophia Florence On September - 12 - 2018920 views

Most people think that there’s just one kind of pinup girl. You know the red lips, winged eyeliner, Bandana, swing skirt, and all that jazz. And on your journey to finding your inner pin-up girl, you may want some elements of that look but want to spice it up a  bit. Well, you’d be surprised and to know that they’re many styles of pin-up out there. In this list, I’ll show you five types and styles of pin-ups that are sure to suit your style needs.

1. The Classic Rockabilly 

Photo source: thatpinup.com

Ah, this is the most classic and popular look. If you just enjoy the classic rockabilly look this look involves leather jackets and a normal amount of makeup. (Don’t forget your bandana!)


2.  The Ghotic Vixen

Photo soruce: http://rebelcircus.com

This look is rising in popularity for people who enjoy darker colors but still want some elements of pin-up fashion in their look. This look involves dark colors and really the only color you wear is red lipstick.

3. The Hipster

Photo source: trendhunter.com

This look is for people who love pinup clothing but want more modern elements in their look. This look often includes hipster glass and your makeup can be light and natural looking.

4. The Flapper Queen

Photo source: Pinterest.com

This look is For more eccentric people who just want to go all out with their pinup look. This look involves 20s style dresses, pearls, heavy makeup, and stunning hats or scarfs.

5. The Seductress

Photo source: tecoapple.com

This pinup look is more sensual this look involves risque lingerie that you sometimes wear as outerwear which is perfect for someone who loves to be sensual and explore their style options.


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