5 Common Fashion Trends That Used To Be Socially Unacceptable

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Being a woman in modern western society some of the things on this list are things we see or do in our everyday lives. But sometimes we take the little everyday things for granted and forget that not too long ago these things were shunned or even illegal and still are in some countries. From dying your hair to just wearing pants. Here are five common fashion trends that use to be socially unacceptable.


  1. Wearing Pants

Seeing a woman wearing pants is very common now, But did you know there was a time when you could get arrested for it? In 1919 a woman living in Puerto Rico got arrested for wearing pants in public. Back then pants were only seen as menswear. She was sent to jail because of it The judge later dropped the charges. Wearing pants as women really didn’t become acceptable until the 1920s when women started to rebel against society’s view of what women should dress and act like. But In France, there was actually a law that was in effect until 2013 that forbid women from wearing pants unless she asked for permission to “Dress like a man” The law was later amended to let women wear pants if they were riding a bike or a horse. It was later repealed in 2013.


  1. Dyeing Your Hair

Now you can just walk into any hair salon to get your hair dyed, or just buy a box of hair dye from the store and dye it yourself. But was a time were if you dyed your hair you were seen as a “loose woman”. It was so bad that hair salons had back entrances for women who didn’t anyone to know they were dying their hair In fear of losing their reputations. But mostly housewives, Hair dye was only seen as acceptable for a movie star or a chorus girl or just “Loose women”  But not for a housewife.


  1. Wearing Makeup

Women born in the late 1800’s were raised to think that wearing makeup somehow was immoral and The mark of a “Painted woman” But sometimes women of a high social standing could get away with wearing powder and blush and maybe a little lipstick. But the wife of a Bread Baker or a man with a low social standing, could not risk her reputation like that. Back than wearing makeup was seen as a form of deceit. Women did not want to risk their repetitions and be seen as a lier. So they just didn’t wear it at all. Until the 1920s when the Flapper girl popularized it.


  1. Wearing Crop Tops

You see women wearing crop tops almost everywhere now, But it wasn’t always like that.

In fact, they were seen as too exotic and revealing for women to wear. But this all changed in the 1940s in world war II when they became more popular because the fabric used to make clothing was rationed because of the war effort. But people still didn’t welcome crop tops with open arms In 1945 a woman was fined for wearing shorts with a crop top In Central Park.


  1. Wearing Bikinis

You see women wearing bikinis all the time at the beach or swimming pools. But they were once so scandalous. Only the most daring models would wear them, women would often have to make their own if they were daring enough to wear them in public. Women competing in the first miss world beauty pageant decided to wear bikinis, but bikinis were then banned from the competition. Wearing bikinis didn’t become acceptable until the1960s when magazines such as Playboy and Sports Illustrated popularized it.


Which trend on this list surprised you the most?

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