Slapback Johnny interview about their upcoming debut album Hit me up

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I must admit, I’m a Slapback Johnny fan. Whenever they’re around I must see those Dutch guys when I’m able. Their  energy is contagious and their songs refreshing. You’d think it must be an oldie rockabilly song, but it’s their own original. When I heard their music will be available in my own home/ car/ device because they decided to record their work, I was excited. So even before the release of their album I was very curious, I had to ask them all about it.

Hey guys, your new album, what’s it called?

Our debut album is called “Hit Me Up” and will be released internationally on Rhythm Bomb Records next month!

Where did you go to record it?

We spent a lot of time and effort searching for the right studio and found a very good one nearby:
Mailmen studio in Utrecht is where we recorded, mixed and mastered our new album.

You used to say: we only release videoclips no album. Am I right? Why did you decide to record this album after all?

I did say something like that didn’t I?

After making several EP’s and singles available online we found that it was time for a next step. So we focussed on writing more songs and after a while we had plenty to make an album, and at one point we said to each other “let’s do this”. Of course it also helped that a lot that people who attended our gigs repeatedly asked us if we got any cd’s.

Are all the songs originals?

Yes, all the 13 songs are genuine self-written Slapjack Johnny tunes.

Who writes the songs?

We all write songs and share ideas but at one point we had too much material so we had to choose which songs would be on the album. And don’t worry, there’s lots more where all of these songs came from!

Where can we buy the album?

The official release date is the 15th of June 2018 and from that day you can buy them at all our gigs and at all the Rhythm Bomb stands on festivals all over Europe. You can also check

Are you also gonna release a vinyl version?

We’re very excited to tell you guys the album will also be available on vinyl. Although the vinyl-lovers have to be a bit more patient due to the long production process.

What makes your album so special?

Well, this album is a display of the full palette of the Johnny-sound. With hard hitting drums, pounding bass and flaming guitars as key ingredients. On this record we set out to release something that has its own distinct sound. It’s got influences of rockabilly, blues, rock ’n’ roll, hillbilly and swing on 13 self-written tracks while always staying recognisable as Slapback Johnny.

And to celebrate all this news we made a lyric video for the re-recording of our first ever single “Doin’ Time”. Recorded with the amazing Tim Blonk, Lodewijk Reijs and Arie Willem Schouten on horns.

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