Nine kisses videoshoot by “Dre en Tee videogasten”

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Dre en Tee

With my band Dee’s Honeytones I released an album in 2017, called Wow Wow. I always had a clear image in my head of one of the songs I wrote called “Nine kisses”.

I called “Dre en Tee Video Gasten uit Rotterdam”, two Dutch men from Rotterdam, who make videoclips and promotional video’s. They already made a video for our song “I’m gone”:

This time I had a complete story line in my head and on paper. An all girl pyama party, with cake, bubble gum, an oldtimer car. So I wrote a script and invited Dre and Tee over for a meeting. I handed over the script and they immediately came up with idea’s and practical stuff like: where would you like to film? Are there outdoor takes? To save time, is there an outdoor background in the neighborhood. To save time for the girlfriend actresses, let’s split filming in two days. One for the shoot with just me. One day for the girlfiends. It really helps to have some experienced guys having this practical idea’s to give this project some structure. Also during the shoot, they give directions about how to

Miss Jenny blowing bubbles

move, where to stand, to start walking. So next to filming, taking care of lights and editing, directing is their job too.

The first day we had some videoshots in my home and outside at the Rotterdam harbour, with my friend Brie’s car: Ford Edsel.

Fun fact. Brie had her car parked in front of my house with the motor running. Dre and Tee stepped into their own car. They all were almost heading for the harbour, when I stepped out of my frontdoor and yelled to the last car: “Hey guys, aren’t you forgetting someone? Me!” Haha.

This is the behind the scenes video:

Day 2, my girlfriends Miss Jenny and Lil’ Esther came over with suitcases filled with props. The livingroom looked like hit by a hurricane of lingery, shoes, stockings and all girls stuff. The table was filled with cake, sandwiches and all kinds of sweets to keep us from being hungry. We started in the morning and had every shot taken before dinner. It was all scheduled and organised. Great!

Behind the scenes, part II



Then the most time consuming thing is video editing. Choosing which shots in which scene. Color editing. Light editing when needed. Getting the song in sync with the video.

They did a great job. My video vision became reality.

Dre and Tee during videoshoot with Lil’ Esther

You can find Dre en Tee on facebook:








This is the end result:

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