A tribute to Elvis: Triple Dynamite

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ELVIS, being a great performer and singer, has been a great influence to a lot of musicians’ roots and careers.

Triple Dynamite

In 2004 Jeroen contacted Mars and Marc if we would like to record some Elvis songs with him. Jeroen picked out 21 songs Elvis has sung and we agreed on 14 songs to record. After 3 rehearsals we agreed on the way we wanted to record the songs. In 2005 and 2006 we did all the recordings. The CD is released by Count Orlok (!!) on January 8th 2007 (the date of all dates!!).

So who is Triple Dynamite ?

Jeroen Haamers / Hammer: Playing the (rock and roll, rockabilly, psychobilly) guitar is his passion together with the love of music in general. To be more specific, the love of Elvis. So it’ s obvious mr. Hammer has been searching for the right people to record Elvis-songs with. With Batmobile Elvis has been a regular in the setlist (All Shook Up, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Any Day Now and ofcourse Burning Love). Also there were numerous attempts to start an Elvis-only band but with Triple Dynamite he found the right guys, with the right attitude.

Jeroen Haamers

Hammer is a crazy rocker and you can hear that from the recordings that were made with Triple Dynamite.

The shows are full of dynamite and the audience needs to wear protective gear to survive.


Batmobile (since 1983)
Taking Care of Elvis (since 1990)
Hammer Brothers (since 2000)
Triple Dynamite (since 2004)


 Marcel van den Berg / Mars:

Triple Dynamite

Playing in all sorts of bands in various music styles but always returning to his first love : Rock ‘n’ Roll / Rockabilly.
Mars started out as a guitarplayer / singer and later switched to double bass and e-bass.
Meeting kindered spirits on the Psychobilly Online forum and the idea of paying homage to the King lead to the recording of the Triple Dynamite album.


Scam (1986-1995)
The Penguin (1997-1999)
69Beavershot (since 2002)
Triple Dynamite (since 2004)
Powerdog (since 2006)


 Marc Burger / Marccc:

triple dynamite

Marc has been playing the drums since he was 7 years old. Since then he has been active in playing a wide variety of musical styles like rock, pop, jazz, fusion/jazzrock. Ofcourse rock ‘n’ roll has been the continuous factor throughout his musical career. Elvis, as being one of the greatest performers and singers of all times, has been of great influence to Marc’s performances. That is why it is a honour to make this CD as a tribute to him. This CD could not have been of a better succes without the musicains this CD has been recorded with.


The Penguin (1997-1999)
69Beavershot (2002-2006)
Triple Dynamite (since 2004)
Powerdog (since 2006)
Bang Bang Bazooka (since 2009)

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