Showgirl Adventure: Battle of the Bands

Posted by RubyJoule On August - 18 - 20103,165 views

A sweltering Sunday afternoon is not typically the ideal time for burlesque, but maybe it would be okay for go-go dancing. Our fave rockers, Johnny Hootrock, were competing in “Battle of the Bands” at Momo’s in Austin, and Goldie Candela and I were there to turn up the heat with our shimmy. For the past couple of years my burlesque troupe, The Jigglewatts, has teamed up with the psycho garage-a-billy band, Johnny Hootrock, performing go-go dance with a burlesque twist to a bevy of songs in the band’s repertoire.

Go-go dancing with the Hootrock boys can be a steamy business.  All that shimmy shakin’ really gets the heart rate up; combine that with a host of costume changes and one can easily end up a hot, sticky, unglamorous mess if the A/C isn’t cranked up!  Well, the A/C at Momo’s was going full blast, but all of the back doors were open to the patio and the 103 degree Texas Sunday afternoon heat.  It was 2:00 PM.  At one point, Goldie and I found an industrial fan out on the patio that really blew our skirts up (with a nod to Marilyn, natch!)

We also noticed when we arrived, that there was a gaggle of high school age (and younger) kids crowded in booths and milling about the tables.  Evidently, one of the other bands competing was comprised of youngsters.  This was going to be interesting.  Our go-go dance style isn’t that risqué, but our costumes are a bit daring at times.

For this round, we wanted to go all out, just in case any KISS scouts decided to show up.  Oh yeah, Johnny Hootrock is in the running to open for KISS when they play San Antonio in September! (fingers crossed…!)  Well, unless the 12 year old in the woolen beanie (seriously? It’s August in Texas!) was a scout, I don’t think the KISS reps made it out that Sunday afternoon.  But I think the kid was impressed!

We danced our hearts out anyway- “Caravan,” “Dead Cute Girl,” “Rockin Oldsmobile,” “La Terrorista,” all the usual tunes played by Johnny Hootrock as if they were rockin’ out a stadium of thousands.  After Goldie Candela shook it during “Fancy Pants” in her gold metallic booty shorts and top dripping with pearls, it was overheard, “I think that kid just hit puberty!”

Well, The Jigglewatts are nothing if not helpful!

The Ohio chapter of The Jigglewatts is in town this week, led by Miss Champagne Shock- and they will be shakin’ it loose with Johnny Hootrock at Flamingo Cantina this Thursday night (8/19).

Stay tuned for more adventures from your “Showgirl Friday” – xoxo Ruby Joule

(all photos by Ari Morales)

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