The dawn of the plus-sized pinup!

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I’m sure you can imagine that I’m a big fan of pin-up photography. I was introduced to both Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield at an early age. Which then grew into an interest in other blonde bombshells, including Anna Nicole Smith, whose 50’s inspired photos captured my heart. As I grew older I found myself discovering Bettie Page and through her Dita Von Teese.

Jamie Bahr in Dangerous FX

Jamie Bahr in Dangerous FX

Over the last decade, neo-pinups have grown from a small but select circle. To a full grown underground movement. Big names like Sabina Kelly, Bernie Dexter, Masumi Max, inspired this former goth girl to glam it up. But unlike Marilyn, Jayne, and even Anna, a good number of these lovely women were slight of build. Very hard for a lady who wears a size 16 to relate too.

Kerosene Deluxe

But thankfully, a number of wonderfully lush ladies have taken it on themselves to strike up the cause. It’s the 21st century after all. The plus-size pinup model is here to prove that an zaiftag figure can be just as sexy as a size 6.

Many clothing companies like Pin-Up Girl Clothing and Dangerous FX provide retro clothing for fuller builds. Speaking personally, I can say it’s never been easier for me to find clothing in the styles I like. Now, curvy girls can step out with pride.

In some ways, I feel these girls embody that old school sexuality better than others. After all, the 1950’s were an era of hourglass curves. One can’t help but thank that Jane Russell would be proud. Still, even the most buxom of old time pin-ups lack the full bodied curves of a plus-size model. Yes, I feel like these fine ladies not only echo the past, but represent a brighter for full-figured women every where. Hopefully there will be more and more as this fresh decade forges ahead!

La Cholita in pinupgirlclothing

La Cholita in pinupgirlclothing

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