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Do you love your house, is it in a retro style with that rockabilly feeling?

Think: fifties design, exotic features, tiki stuff, heywood wakefield furniture, majestic lamps, great colorschemes and fun objects, atomic, american diner etc etc.

Then here is the chance to expose your home to the rockabilly world!

Show us your home, we would love to see it. Inspire us and get inspired!

So if you have spend hours, weeks, years on your home and if you are proud of it then send us some pictures and if we choose you to be on ROCKABILLY-ONLINE we will interview you (by email) and we put your rockabilly housetour on this webzine.

Don’t be shy. Nobody is perfect. Neither are homes.

It’s about sharing and inspiration.

For a start some pics from my home, and I do not even consider myself being a rockabilly(see ‘about us’).

It’s only some details, one day I will give you a real house tour.

Here’s the interview with myself..: (this is always the same questionnaire, so you will know what to expect)

Lisa’s home

My interior style is: retro, eclectic. But mainly, 40-60′s .

Who or what is your interior inspiration? It’s hard to say, I just love vintage, but I do get inspiration from blog out on the internet, I love Ninainvorm and I read interior magazines, not particularly old or vintage.

Show us your favorite element in your home: I love little funny and weird things, I’m not into brands or regular styles, what I like most at this moment is the moneybox, it’s on the picture of the hallway. It’s a bird, he  stands on top of the little cupboard. He’s so cute!

What’s your best thrift? My sofa (not on the pictures), it’s a Martin Visser sofa from Spectrum, I bought it together with a chair from the same series at a the local charity shop for only 36,- euro’s! I couldn’t be happier!It only needs to be re-uphostered, the last time it wasn’t done well.

And best purchase? That’s must be my other sofa, also a thrift, (I only do thrifts), a large orange sofa (2,5m, contemporary), I bought it yesterday for only 50,- euro’s.

What do you prefer: vintage or replica? Vintage! I love the story that comes with old furniture.

Is there anything you would like to throw out? No nothing in particular.I would like some more to come in!

Do you  collect anything? Yes, tin cookiedrums. Only with flowers or graphic patterns. No text. I must have at least 50 of them. And I sort of start to have a collection of wooden sculptures. Kind of trashy, love it!

What DIY project are you most proud off? The cupboard in the livingroom.

I have spend way to much money on: Nothing, I try to cut back on consuming.

Where did you get it?
Appliances: fleemarkets, charityshops
Furniture: marktplaats (online secondhand market simular to ebay), charity shops, fleemarket France, Ikea
Lighting: secondhand retro furniture shops, general lighting shop, Ikea
Beds: Homemade
Artwork: Homemade by me, my parnter and work from friends.
Flooring: Wooden floor, it came out of the main theatre in Rotterdam. After a fire they had to put in new flooring in the studio,  my partner worked there and took the good parts out at  night. Perfect Merbau wood.
Kitchentiles: nothing special.

Now it’s your turn..

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