Some like it HOT Marilyn curls

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John writes, “Howdy! My girlfriend wants to know how to style her hair like Marilyn Monroe in “Some Like It Hot.” Can you help her?
Here’s the pic:

Now this is actually a lot easier than it may seem. If your hair is already of the correct length, all you need is a good set of medium barrel hot rollers! I recommend using hot rollers of about a 1 inch diameter. When you’re putting them in, be sure to hold them up and out from your head when you start rolling, so that they go all the way down to the base of your hair and don’t just hang there. Make sure not to use too big of sections or the heat won’t adequately penetrate all of the hair. You also want to be sure to roll them in the direction you want the curl to go. For instance, in the pic above the curl goes toward her forehead and under, so you want to roll the hot roller toward your forehead and under when putting it in.
Once you get the hot rollers in, make sure to let them cool completely before removing them! If your hair completely cools in the shape you want it to maintain, it will hold the curl much longer. If you have particularly resistant hair, go ahead and spray a light hair spray into the hair and comb through before you put the hot rollers in. Now that you have the rollers out, just go through and comb out the curls a little with your fingers. You should see some good body now if you set the rollers correctly, and that’s an important part of this hairstyle!
Now go ahead and part your hair with a deep side part. If you still think you need more body, you can do a little backcombing at the base of the hair to give it that extra lift! Now for the most important part. Use your best tools, your fingers, to arrange the curls into the place you want them. Go ahead and take the curls and arrange them toward your forehead and under to best emulate the above pic. If you need help gathering them together and under, wrap the hair around your finger and remove your finger so that the hair maintains it’s barrel shape. Once you get the hair where you want it, be sure to give it a good shot of hairspray to keep it there!
So the most important part of acheiving this style is using hot rollers and making sure to roll them in the direction you want your hair to end up. Spray to set and you should be ready to go and set some hearts, or pants, on fire!
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  1. RubyJoule says:

    Awesome!!! I wish my hair was still short and blonde 😉

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