The new Jackie Wilson: Si Cranstoun

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Si Cranstoun

He’s got the looks, the moves, the voice and a name you won’t forget easily: Si Cranstoun. This singer/ songwriter from South London, is going “back to his roots” with a retro mix of soul, swing and doo wop, after being the other half of the Dualers with his brother Tyber. The Dualers are also a very popular Ska, Soul and Reggae band in the UK.

One look at his video “Dynamo”, and you’ll find yourself dancing the rest of the day. I’m proud to have him in our magazine.

Hi Si. You and your brother Tyber are making music together for a long time. How did you both grew up with music? 
Our Father was a pioneer London Ska promoter in the 1960’s so it was a lot of ska and rhythm & blues. Our mother is mixed race and they where big fans of black 60’s music that was always played in the house.

My brother and I always played music together when we were kids. It was for fun!! We would sing and dance for our parents. We wanted them to like us!! 

The dualers have had a lot of success, hits in the charts, a single on a soundtrack. So why going solo? 
My brother has taken control of The Dualers nowadays with less involvement I have had more time free.The solo project has allowed me to explore a more rhythm & blues influenced direction, which people tell me really shows my voice off.

I think that as a singer I was only really influenced by American r&b singers . I am lucky enough to have my own recording studio ..I have always sung in the r&b style. I just have not released everything I have been doing. A public classic R&B direction has come at the right time!

Si Cranstoun

Is it the passion for old soul music?

How do you write your songs? 
Very carefully! They come from the heart. Sometimes I wake up with a melody. But real life is the inspiration to all my lyrics.

You’re playing all around the UK. Are you planning on touring in the rest of Europe or even the US?
I would really really love to! Just got to nail a business plan.
Well this interview introduces you to many US and European readers, so, who knows…

I read you met your lovely wife during a show and you have a little one. How do you manage to be a family man and an artist? 
It can be incredibly difficult. But I truly love my wife and she truly loves me back. So no matter what, all obstacles are overcome.

What are your future plans? 
Get Dynamo publicized more!!  
I guess talking to us, is one step in the right direction 😉

Do you have the ultimate dreamwish? 
Get Dynamo publicized more!!! 
Yes, yes, we’re working on it… 😉

Si Cranstoun

A number one hit?

Of course, although number 2 would be ok too.

Featuring in a movie? 
Of course 

Have more kids? 
Expecting another baby in feb 2011
Congratulations to you and your wife! That is such happy news!

Winning an award? 
Already have one… my wife’s hand in marriage.
(Isn’t he cute?)

Staying as down to earth and gratefull as you are now?
Now you talk my language

I think we’ll hear more about Si Cranstoun.

You can listen to his music on his website:

Here’s Dynamo:

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