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When you see a Viva photograph, you’ll know it’s her. The perfect setting, light, colors and model all in retro style. Sharp as a knife I would say. This Eastcoast photographer has worked with the most hottest pinups from all over the world and her images have been featured in numerous magazines. This year she has published a book with her work of the last 11 years. Let’s see what Viva’s all about.

Miss Viva Van Story

Are you a self-taught photographer or did you have a mentor that showed you the ropes?
I have taken college classes for photography in my younger years. Some of my first works were Black and White film and I developed my own prints in a darkroom the old fashion way. Heavy grain was my love. I think it’s very important to understand the art of photography. It’s important to understand it to be able to develop your own style of shooting. I still enjoy black and white photography and especially desire to one day shoot with a medium format camera. I am however self-taught with my lighting. I wish I had a mentor helping me. I have only assisted some fetish photographers who have opened me up to a broader style of photography.

If I say, Wild Rock and Roll or Family Girl. Which one are you?
My younger years total Rock and Roll but I grew up and now I’m very much a Family Girl. My family lives very far away from me but we still are very close and I take summer trips and do things together with them whenever possible.

Which one item of equipment would you say is the most important to you?
My Canon 5D Mark II is my sole mate right now.

What is your true inspiration?
Old movies, Independent movies, my personal experiences good and bad, my sense of humor, my turn-on’s, my fetishes and my desires. I try to look for inspiration anywhere but the obvious places. *Wink* 


Photo by Viva van Story

How do you decide on locations & subjects?

I love shooting in retro locations of 50’s purist the most. A lot of the places I’ve shot at are at friend’s places or especially my own house. The more vintage elements, the more I love it. If the location tells a story before I even get the model in place, that’s my favorite kind of place.

My subjects are people who have passion to make art. If they can seduce me with a glance then a striptease can be all so dangerous. Most of the time it’s just something in their eyes that appeal to me.


How does one photo shoot day of Viva look like?
I’m very involved in my shoots. I control most of what is going on for the image. Clients I shoot can basically just walk through my door and I create the whole thing for them from hair, clothing, to building the sets.

Some of my artwork can run a bit different. It first starts with a memory or a fantasy I want to tease me again or I want to relive again. I then have to search for the perfect location or a set I’m interested in for the idea. Most importantly is the model and if she can bring a story out of me. I look for strong women who are alluring and enticing. I let the shoot play its story out without revealing all my intentions to the model and directing her as she goes. I send the model a list of things to bring like leather gloves, blindfolds, rope, broken glass, etc. Maybe I’ll use them or maybe I’m just playing with her curiosities of what will happen during her shoot. Building up the excitement. I’m super picky about clothing, shoes, props and setting so most of these things I will provide for the shoot and sometimes a shoot can be based from an item I found like a razor or old vintage clothing.

Photo by Viva van Story

Who is your favorite model and why?
Currently my favorite Model is Mosh. I think we work so well together and I really just enjoy being around her as a person. She really works hard to give me the most unique set of poses and images; I’m completely in love with her.

Favorite band?
Wow.. That’s a hard one. I really have a large range of music I love to listen too. I can sit for hours listening to classical piano. My top bands are Johnny Cash, Social Distortion and l love seeing Mad Sin and Goddam Gallows play out.

Do you have other passions other than photography?
I love traveling. I’ll probably spend the rest of my years just traveling. Discovering new things is so exciting to me.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
The best advice I got in the beginning of my career was from Floria Sigismondi’s manager, she said, “show everyone who will look at it” put your work everywhere you can put it” “Some will love it, some will hate it but hey at least they are seeing it.”

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A little retro pad on the ocean somewhere with endless money to build sets with and get lost in my work.


Book Viva's Pinups

11 years of photography bundled up in one gorgeous book Viva’s pinups. When and why did you decide to publish this book?
Tell us more about it. What can buyers expect?

Publishing my book with Korero books was the perfect match. I’ve been a fan of their other books and when I met with the publisher in New York City, we just got each other. They understood my desire to be unique and see me not only as a pin-up photographer but someone who is pushing her art into new directions. 
The book is a hard cover large book filled with 208 pages of 11 years of my favorite artwork. This is my very first available opportunity to have my work is bulk and at the best quality I could find for it. There are also never seen images in the book. 
You can get information about getting a book from Korero here

Is there something you want to say to pinup models that read this?
Be the most welcoming person you can be. Keep away from all things negative and always stay neutral. Work with people who feel the same. Be passionate about your work, it will show.

Her work is seen in these magazines:
olskool rodz (USA)
Traditional Rod and Kulture (USA)
ck deluxe magazine (USA)
dice magazine (USA)
mondo biker magazine (SPAIN)
leg show magazine (USA)
Cycle Source (USA)

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