The Sheppey Rock and Roll club

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Last summer I played with my band at The Sheppey Rock ‘n’ Roll Club in the UK. We were invited by the club managers Dave and Johanna Norris. Very nice people who are passionate about Rock and Roll music. When we arrived we were impressed by the original classic interior, the massive dancefloor and the wonderful stage. It would be a fantastic night.

The Sheppey Rock and Roll Club

The Sheppey Rock ‘n’ Roll Club where the drinks are cheap and the dancefloor is huge! It is located at the Sheerness East Working Mens Club in Sheerness Kent. They have DJ’s The Two Houndogs they’re Spinning The Wax every last Friday of the month.

Two years ago Dave and Joanna went to the Rock ‘n’ Roll week in Skegness. They were smoking cigarettes outside and talking to Big Mark of the Stingrays (UK). They talked about rock and roll (ofcourse) and about Big Marks band. After that week they looked around in the Rock and roll scene in England and found out that in most cities there were Rock and roll events except on their island Sheppey. After they spoke to many people on the island they knew that the island was in need of a Rock and Roll club. So they had their first opening on Augustus 28th 2009 with the opening band: The Stingrays. That’s when the Sheppey Rock and roll club was born.

The Sheppey Rock and Roll Club

The people who come to the club live the rock and roll lifestyle, but also motorclubs like the Bum Biters Club and the Reject Club are visiting. Even a couple of Hells Angels came when Porky’s Hot Rockin’ was playing.
They want to keep Rock and Roll alive. Everybody who loves the music is welcome and their motto is ROCK and ROLL IS HERE TO STAY.

How do you choose the bands who play at your club?

We find the band in different ways. On the internet. On Rock and Roll weekenders, where we ask artists if they would like to play in our club. Or we ask our DJ’s. They work at other clubs and at weekenders too and they meet a lot of bands. More than us. Sometimes bands contact us.

The Stingrays

Tell us about the band nights
We had the Jets (they have a Kings of Harmony show), Dee Ann & the Nightcaptains and 69 Beavershot (NL), Mark Keeley Good Rockin’ Tonight, Marc Robinson’s Buddy Holly Tribute Show, The Hicksville Bombers, Porky’s Hot Rockin’ and last September 24th 2010 we had the Rhythm Aces.

The night we wont forget was with Marc Robinson’s Buddy Holly Tribute Show. Our club can hold 180/190 people. We never expected 230 people to show up. So we had to send people away unfortunately. We didn’t like to do that and for the people who couldn’t get in, it was no fun either.
Funny though, Marc Robinson played two sets. Some people said they liked the second set better. They thought another band was playing the first set, but that was Marc too.

Another great night was when 69 Beavershot / Dee Ann & the Nightcaptains (NL) came. We as a club, were really looking forward to them. It was quite full and the audience, especially the men thought Dee Ann was great because they’d never seen a female singer better than the English Kat & The K9’s who also played in our club once.  

The most memorable night was when Dave threw a surprise party for me (Johanna) on my birthday. The Stingrays were playing and I was called on stage while Big Mark was singing for me. That was great!

Dave Norris of The Sheppey Rock and Roll Club

Who are your favorite artists?

1. Johnny Cash
2. Carl Perkins
3. Billy Lee Riley
4. Elvis Presley
5. Bill Haley
Your favorite cd’s?
1. Elvis Presley – How Great Thou Art
2. Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues
3. Buddy Holly – Buddy Holly
4. Johnny Cash – San Quentin
5. Billy Lee Riley – Rockin Fifties.


Johanna Norris of The Sheppey Rock and Roll Club

Your favorite stores?
I don’t know if you can call Ebay a store, but I buy most of my clothes there. For groceries, Tesco, Sainbury’s or Asda. Sometimes we go to Aldi.
You go to festivals quite often. Which ones?
Every year in March we go to Butlins Skegness Rock and Roll Week. Then there is the Pontins Pakefield Wildest Cats In Town. We have plans to go to Hemsby Rock and Roll l weekender. Next year we’ll go to Rock and Roll Street Terschelling The Netherlands.
Tell us about the rock and roll scene in Engeland?
The Rock and Roll Scene is spread all over England is. Sometimes there are three rock and roll clubs per area where you can go four nights of the week. The rock and roll weekenders are fun but competing with the clubs. When people go there, they won’t go to a club that same weekend. A lot of clubs are closing because of that.  

The rock and roll scene in England is fun but sometimes too much!

So what do you have planned this year?
On October 29 we’ll have Lights Out. They are the sons of the Jets!
On November 26th the Downtown Daddyo’s.
On December 17th Rockabilly Rebel Matchbox (the original lineup), the Stingrays UK. Ticket £12.00. 

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