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She could have been Betty Page’s daughter. Now she’s the queen of pinup modeling. I heard she’s the nicest person on earth. I never thought she would have the time for an interview with rockabilly-online, but she did! I’m talking about Bernie Dexter! I can’t shop online for clothes without seeing her in some classy outfit, on a picture her husband Levi Dexter made. Wouldn’t you love to be as successful as she is? Let’s take a peek into her life and thoughts.  

Photo by Levi Dexter


I read you love to collect vintage items for you shoots.
Yes I do, I have been collecting for years, even before I was a model I would say “Just in case”  

Even furniture!   

Do you have a vintage interior?
I do. I mix era’s: Victorian to the 1960s. We have a chartreuse Victorian couch & red velvet Victorian chair and s black 50s PVC shiny chair, Teal velvet curtains & gold framed mirrors on the walls. Our coffee table is 50s Haywood Wakefield. Somehow it all works!    

What are your favorite places to shop for vintage (looking) stuff?
I prefer goodwill, & salvation army but also LOVE antique stores! 

Photo by Levi Dexter


Do you drive an oldtimer car?
I have always driven old cars… my last one was a 1962 Comet with cat eye lights in the back, I bought from our friend Pearl Harbor the singer of Pearl Harbor & the Explosions.   

 What’s your favorite?
I would LOVE a 50s Cadillac  

 You like to travel?
I LOVE to travel. I get so much inspiration when I travel. I have 2 LOVE England. Most people want to go to London but I love the sea side in Essex & ADORE Constable Country. Places like Dedham & Flatford. English people are amazing. They’re still very much all about honor & loyalty.  

I also LOVE Germany. I have been lucky enough to travel all over Germany. Once again I prefer the Countryside. Southern Germany is AMAZING I have a dream house there in Lake Constance. He he.  

The German people are wonderful &  the food is incredible!  


Photo by Levi Dexter


Pinup modeling is becoming more and more popular. 

Yes you are so right!   

But not everyone is a rockabilly gal.
I see this too!  

They don’t have to be of course. But it’s more about the looks and less about the music. Do you think that’s true, or not?
Yes it is more about looks… but if it is what it takes to draw attention to the music…    

How do you think about that? 
I think it is great now.  It bothered me in the beginning, I felt like people were stealing from the rockabilly culture. I do not feel that way now, but people want to know what makes me different it is I have immersed myself in the music & culture for so long & still do.  

You were happy to see that Betty Page and you have the same kind of figure.
It is so funny, I think the first time I saw her I was like, `hey her body is like mine`… but this was YEARS before I knew about rockabilly & I did not know who she was or really care.  

I did not say hey I want to be that lady… To me, she looked like my mom. Remember in the early 1990s there was no internet so you could not Google & find out about someone so easy. So I just did not think about it for more than 1 minute. It was not till YEARS later people were telling me I thought people were crazy. heeheee. I could never be so full of myself to go oh ya, I look like Bettie Page. Heheheee  


Photo by Levi Dexter


Today, pinups with all kind of curves are blooming. 

 Yes it is wonderful!  

Even full figured. How do you think about this development? 
I think it is great! I think beauty comes in all shapes & sizes & as long as you are healthy & fit it is wonderful!  

 Your pictures and social life are all over the internet.
Yes, it is. Well I like to share the rewards of working hard.  

Do you have to protect your privacy? 
I do to a degree because there is always some mean jealous people who want to write mean things. This has happened a few times, but as you can see what they write has not affected my work  at all. =)  

Do you have tips for other pinup models about internet privacy? 
Just do not let mean peoples comments hurt you… those people usually are unhappy with their life & they only feel good when tearing others down. Just hit that delete button! 😉  

What do you think of other top models 
I have become great friends with a few girls on the net. 
I REALLY enjoy work of Burlesque Star Immodesty Blaize, fetish model Mosh and pin up model & Burlesque dancer, Bettina May. These women are trailblazers in what they do & I have become fast friends with them as they have similar work ethic as I do. 
I am so excited because I will get to meet Immodesty in person for the first time when I am in London next week!! Also I just did an INCREDIBLE shoot with Mosh for Alt Exclusive Magazine last week.   

Last month Bettina May & I had a 4 hour lunch & bonded. These girls are the real deal! There is no networking here. They are all true artist in every sense of the word & we just really like each other!  

Did you ever meet celebrities? 
Yes, I have & do. Hehehe The most awesome celebrities i got to meet were Lux & Ivy from the band the Cramps. I am a HUGE fan of Ivy’s. She had a HUGE influence on me and my style… they were both so nice. She is AMAZING….

*RIP Lux Interior….

Photo by Levi Dexter


If you compare yourself with an animal, which one would it be and why?  

I am like an ally cat. Even though they have been discarded by someone, they are independent & make their own way to survive. They always such loving personalities. They take a bit more time to learn to trust people, but once they do they are very loyal. hehehee  

If you ever stopped modelling and your shop is handed over by staff, what other carreer would you considder?
I hope I have a long time before I stop modeling & designing;) But I would love to do more acting if the right project came up. I have studied acting.  

Bernie on the silverscreen… wouldn’t that be great?!

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