Cat(eye) scratch fever

Posted by Jodie On September - 26 - 20103,772 views

Take a cue from Marilyn, cateye frames are the way to go.

Victoria Beckham’s bug-eyed specs ain’t got nothing on these bad boys. The sleekest style in frames right now is the cat-eye.

Taking cues from whats hot in style right now – 1950’s and 1960’s fashion – cat-eye frames are making a huge comeback. ‘Bout time!

Not since the days of Lisa Loeb have we seen so many pointy frames on a sunglass rack.

This classic look started popping up on the runways early last year when 2010 Spring/Summer lines were headed down the runway. And it’s still kicking around.

So many designers are reinventing the shape – putting so many unique twists and turns, it’s hard for a girl to pick just one favourite.

Check out these frames from Ralph Lauren priced at $250.00 US here.

Ralph Lauren

And a much more modern take on the frames here at Dior (price not listed).


I just snagged a pair of these Ray-Ban Clubmaster frames for my reading glasses.

Ray-Ban Clubmasters

Though not a traditional cat-eye, they do pay homage to the classic look. And they make me look like a geeky girl who can’t find a date to the sock-hop.

Not feeling the sky-high designer labels. Do not fear. Most vintage reproduction stores will carry cat-eye frames. Check out these from Pretty Things Boutique in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada).

Pretty Things Boutique

For $12.00 Canadian, you can’t really go wrong.

And if you’re feeling really ambitious, try looking at your local second-hand or vintage shop. You might just hit the jackpot and find a pair of frames that nobody loves any more. You can bring the frames to any eye-wear store and they will put in lenses – Shades or prescription.

You seriously can’t get any more chic than that!

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