HeartSizedCrush: Tattoo Inspired Wearable Art

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Karla Thomson of HeartSizedCrush asked us of Rockabilly-online to take a look at her Rockabilly jewelry. She is a single mom of a 5-year old boy who is the light of her life. Her other light is her online Jewelry shop where she sells hand made jewelry shaped as hearts, pistols and skulls. 


Karla: “HeartSizedCrush was born from the love of music, tattoo’s, & DIY.  The name HeartSizedCrush comes from one of my favorite Devil Doll songs.  She has been an inspiration in my life for over a decade with her lyrics, style, & her beautiful soul.  When I decided to start selling my jewelry, the name HeartSizedCrush just seemed to fit really well.  

I have been in this industry for a few years now and have worked with Colleen Duffy of Devil Doll and Angela Ryan.  

Heart Sized Crush Jewelry

I love to draw and create beautiful things, and have been a crafty person since I was young.  The type of jewelry I create I like to refer to as ‘Tattoo Inspired Wearable Art’. 

It’s light weight, colorful, so much fun to wear, and looks just like a tattoo! I also make other items like hair flowers, earrings, bracelets and rings. My jewelry is made from hard cut plastic.  Hand drawn and colored.

I have made two pieces of jewelry for Colleen to sell as her merch. (www.devil-doll.com) and I created a limited edition run for Angela called the ‘Angela Ryan Signature Logo Necklace.” (http://www.etsy.com/listing/54039207/angela-ryan-signature-logo-necklace

Karla Thompson

Interested in HeartSizedCrush jewelry? Visit Karla’s online shop:



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