Showgirl Adventure: New Orleans Burlesque Fest, pt 2

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We awoke bright and early Saturday morning, er- afternoon… in time to get downstairs to our burlesque workshops.  Pearl was attending “Bump ‘n’ Grind” with Kitten De Ville, and I was getting schooled in booty shakin’ with Michelle L’Amour.  Touted as having “The ass that goes POW!”  Miss Exotic World 2005 winner Michelle L’Amour knows a few things about flaunting the derriere to greatest advantage.

Michelle L'Amour

Michelle L'Amour

My favorite piece of advice? “Never squeeze your buns together on stage- that doesn’t look good on anyone, no matter WHO you are!” Whew, the pressure’s off then. Note taken. 😉  I learned at least five new booty shimmy techniques, along with several toning moves to keep the backside in prime shape.  Now that I was all warmed up and booty confident, it was time to get to rehearsal for the Queen of Burlesque pageant that night at Harrah’s Theatre.  Whoa… the weight of that was really, finally sinking in, and my stomach was threatening to reject the idea entirely.

A unique part of this pageant is getting to perform with a live New Orleans jazz band.  The energy and excitement that adds to the stage is incredible, and it can also be a little nerve-wracking since we aren’t able to choreograph and rehearse with the band as we’d do with recorded music.  So this one rehearsal was crucial!  I arrived as Coco was finishing up, and walked through my routine with the band.  Due to some technical difficulties, they didn’t have the notes about some changes I needed, so I tried my best to sing it for them.  Oh brother! I prayed that the old adage about a sloppy dress rehearsal equalling a stellar performance was true.  Why was I so nervous? Oh, my stomach wanted to catch the next bus back home!  Coco was in the same boat with a case of the nerves, so we bribed ourselves with sushi and took our time getting ready.  The act of “gettin’ all dolled up” is always soothing.

When we got back to the theatre, many of the legendary performers we were to share the bill with were already there: Catherine D’Lish, Indigo Blue, Renea’ Le Roux… I didn’t think I could feel any more giddy; I was mistaken.  I settled in at my dressing table between my dearest brunette beauties, Ginger Valentine and Coco Lectric.  I was the one opening the show this time so I had to hustle my bustle!

Before I knew it the band was playing the opening chords of Petit Fleur, and I was stepping out onto a gorgeous stage, languidly twirling my mourning parasol, playing the role of dramatically grieving widow.

Ruby Joule

("Oh, my darling I cannot go on without you!")

At just the right moment, the band launched into the upbeat swagger of Street Scene ’58, the grieving widow act cast aside for that of the much merrier dance-hall stripteuse…

Ruby Joule

"Hmm, perhaps there IS some way to get past this..."

Ruby Joule

Liberation through stocking removal.

Ruby Joule

"Yoink!" (the stocking slingshot)

Ruby Joule

A full recovery!

Then, as quickly as it began, it was over.  Ahhh… now I was free to finally exhale and enjoy the rest of the show.  There were so many incredible acts, I’m sure the judges had a fiercely difficult task deciding, while the audience  – those lucky ducks – enjoyed a night of first class entertainment.  At the finale, we were all welcomed back to the stage for a curtain call and announcement of the winners.

The Queens

Queen of Burlesque pageant performers

Runners up were the mighty Renea’ Le Roux and the charming Lola Van Ella.  For the standout performance of the night, the Queen of Burlesque title was awarded to my own co-Jigglewatt, Miss Coco Lectric!


It was an incredibly exciting night for us all, and as my head hit the pillow, I wondered what the future held in store for us next…

(hint: it has to do with the tango! Stay tuned 😉

xoxo, Ruby Joule

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