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Hey there Bella here, just wanted everyone to get to know these guys I asked them some questions and here is what they had to say;

How we became a band?  Well our two singers Rob and Dbob having just met were sitting around a lets just say crappy little restraunt meeting each other and talking bout bands they’d been in, when the light bulb went on, ” hey lets start a band” they enlisted a couple of friends in 2007 in which two of the three were quickly replaced, Erich who plays bass was the lone survivor, the three of them practiced whereever they could, until the final puzzle pieces came together, they found me (john) to play guitar, and Jerimy to play drums, so… in early 2009 the current line up for the TSH was born. We practiced in my garage for a year before finding a studio in Fayeteville AR. We are still basiclly out of Eureka Springs AR. for the record. the name TruckStopHookers? comes from Rob and Dbobs silly (in agood way) punk infested minds, and probably there love for um naughtier girls, as in our song ” bonesaw boogie” about cutting up and buirying dead hookers, I know it sounds bad but its just a silly fun kinda song : )

We are very excited about this band, different influnces comeing together, bassist from New Orleans, he’s got that kinda of culture feel, to his song writing, myself ( john) I come from a heavier side of music, Rob and Dbob, punk, Rockabilly influnce, specily Rob, the band works cause we work together as a team, we all do what we think is good for our style of play. our songs probably suck, but to us we dig how they come together, and how they sound, very cool group of guy’s. We do have influnces though, from Motorhead, Rev Horton Heat, sugar tooth, Misfits, Bee Gee’s, clutch, Tool, Sloopy Seconds, Helment, and of course Elvis, man was he a stud or what.

The ROCK A BILLY lifestyle? man what a gret style maybe ven era, the Hotrods, tattood women, good friends, beer, and the tunes man, the tunes, We are not your typical rockabilly sound, maybe we are NEO ROCKABILLY, we want to embrace the feel but try and bring it to a new audiance, hopefully not pissing off the original masters of it, some good rockabilly out there now, Bruttaly Frank,Koffin Kats. Bella im sure you know lots more. Shows? we are playinf alot of shows, coulple cool ones, just did one wih Union Undergroud, you remember them Bella? nowthey are called Heaven Below, they are bringing us to Texas at the first of the year, but we are gearing up for the studio right now, so cutting back on shows, gonna do some, but cut back a bit, having been in a couple of touring bands I am surprised how fast people seem to dig us, Danny Carry drummer from Tool told me, you will know in a semi_short period of time if you have something people dig, we hope we have that to offer. New Disc? We are going in to Sound Illusions Studios this month to record full length cd, oh…. shit we are excited, we have 3 songs on our myspace page that we did with the quickness, they are ok for what they are, butt… we have come into our own since those, and can’t wait to see how we come across now, it’s not going to be out til the first of the year, same ole story with all struggling bands, NO MONEY HONEY, but hey fuck it we do what we got to do to get it done.

One new trak is called ” man in brown” about anew strain of weed delivered to you by the man in brown (ups) im sure you got that.; ) another trak called ” drunk drivin again” very fun trak, another called “doomsday radio” really cool one of our faves. Bella we are going to do our best to put out some original, bumpin, dancin, hard hitting kinda neo rockabiily music people have not yet heard, our live shows are just that, entertainment, music jokes, some silly shit, lots of fun, but very serious about playing tight and writing good material.

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