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Wayne HancockWayne Hancock, born in Dallas and living in Austin Texas; he was 12 when he began  writing songs.  After winning several contests he slowly grew into a major artist with a very beautiful recognizable voice.
His music can be described as a mix of  Texas Rockabilly, honky-tonk, western swing and hillbilly boogie.
He was in the Netherlands for a small tour, only 10 minutes drive from my hometown (in a small farming village) so this was a great opportunity to see him live on stage.
Before the start of the show he had some time for a short interview.
Rather because he was suffering from jet lag, he had spent the afternoon in a coffee shop and had discovered the “Dutch grass”, so he was pretty stoned….
Even so, his show was great and the audience was very enthusiastic, unfortunately he was not as talkative during the interview. Wayne Hancock

The Viper of Melody, did you choose this nickname by yourself or is it given to you by your fans?
Actually, this is not my nickname, but a title of one of my songs and which I have an album named after. This album is different from the previous, because on this album I play with a touringband instead of a studioband.
The nickname, however, is sometimes used in the media.

Why have you chosen this particular village for your show?
I didn’t choose it myself. I was invited to play in Hoorn (NL), but all concert halls were fully booked and then I ended up here. Wayne and his USA band

Who is your inspiration?
Hank Williams. I worked together with Hank Williams III, he’s a great guy, but crazy! 

Have you ever been homesick during a tour or does performing gives you a boost?
Early in my career I did suffer from homesickness, but nowadays performing gives me a great boost, so I’m not thinking too much at home although I’m almost the whole year on tour.
I’ve been on the road for about 15 years, that’s why I wrote the song Lonely Highway. That song explains how I feel during a tour. 

Is there any place you would really like to play; do you have a favourite place or country?
Here, ha ha ha. I like the Dutch audience very much. I played in Paradiso in Amsterdam a few years ago, the audience was very enthousiastic. Tomorrow I play in Germany at a big festival and the after tomorrow I play in Eindhoven (NL). 

Last year you jammed with Brian Setzer in Minneapolis; how did that happen?
I asked for a Coca Cola and somebody in the audience reached out to give me one, then I realised it was Brian Setzer. So I asked him to come up on stage to play some songs together and he did. I enjoyed it very much and I really would like to play with him in the future some time. 

Who are you’re favourite artists?
Big Sandy, Hank Williams (when he was alive of course) and Hank Thompson. Wayne live on stage in the Netherlands

Do you have a tip for new coming artists?
When you are to serious, then forget about it! 

When you’re on tour, do you also have time to write new songs?
Sometimes. If there are a few days between a show, I have the opportunity to write new songs. When my father died I was on tour and I wrote a lot of songs for him. The song Highroller Train is about the transition between live and dead, so I dedicated this song to my father. Two years ago I got married and I wrote some songs about having trouble with your wife, like the song Dog house blues. 

How important are the fans to you?
They are very important. We are trying to provide good music and the fans keep coming to my shows. 

Can we soon expect a new CD?
Yes, I’m working on a new album and I hope it comes out early 2011. 

What’s your greatest wish for the future?
To keep working! It’s all about music, play till you die.

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