Rockin´ around the jukebox part 2: furniture

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 26 - 20103,269 views

Bel Air sofa

I used to go to this jukebox fair to look for kitchens. But unfortunately, the guy who sold American Kitchens hasn’t been at the fair for years. But nevertheles, enough things to shop for. I’ll skip the diners, because there are a lot of them for sale and I already got one. Sometimes I think the colors are too bright and the fabric too plastic like. The Bel Air sofa’s are from the same fabric and make, but look at this sofa! It would fit a pop art interior too.  I found them for sale at Jolina’s (NL)

Art Deco cabinet

The Art Deco lovers would love this original cabinet (on the left) maybe from 1935.  The top is a seperate part. It had a little brother display cabinet to join him. I love the roundness of this design.

Art Deco dining chair

This chair (on the right) belonged to five other chairs and a massive table. Wood, velvety fabric with leopard print. Underneath the table is one round column, serving as the table leg.
Chair cow skin

This cute little chair (on the left) is probably a creative fix it upper by the shop owner. But I must say, not bad. It would fit a ranch interior, with cow skin on the floor, cow skulls with horns on the wall, wood logs at the fireplace and this chair… well maybe as a side chair for extra guests.

Game cabinet

This colorful cabinet is some kind of game. Put another nickle in and nothing is what you get. Just a silver ball spinning around and never getting out. Or maybe it’s like an upstraight pinball machine. I don’t know, I didn’t try, but it looks very authentic.

So far my little furniture tour at rockin’ around the jukebox. Next week part 3: Wanna Haves.

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