Sue Moreno, a Diva in disguise

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Sue Moreno looks like a Hollywoodstar from a black and white movie from the fifties. She worked with legends and artists like Paul Burlinson (Johnny Burnette Trio), Rocky Burnette, Stan Perkins (Son of Carl Perkins), the Comets, Red West (Elvis’ sidekick), Wanda Jackson, Don Randi (legendary session pianist), Chris Montez, Linda Gail Lewis, the Paladins and Danny B. Harvey (Nancy Sinatra).

Sue Moreno

Although 2010 has been a rough year for her, emotionally, she’s still standing strong. When I contacted her, she was in the middle of her American tour. As soon as she got back she found the time for Rockabilly-online. 

Sue,  first of all thanks for your time and effort.
You’re welcome- thank YOU!

I think you are one lucky gall. But I don’t think it hasn’t anything to do with luck, because the slogan on your website says: ‘If you can conceive it and believe it, you will achieve it’. How did you start and how did you get to this point?

I strongly believe in the power of the subconcious mind and more so in the fact that if you truely believe in something and really go for it, everything is possible.

In our job we need a lot of perseverance, and it takes a lot of hard work to get where you wanna be. And be able to do what you wanna do.. I feel lucky to be able to do what I do but it doesn’t go by itself 😉

Did you always dream of being a performer?
One of my first and main influences is Elvis, as my daddy gave me his old 45s and recordplayer when I was very young, about six years old. I was hooked on the King and fell in love with his charisma and all the different styles he was able to sing.

I started taking music lessons when I was about 15 and have been taking acting and directing courses (I am a master of arts ;-)) in the Netherlands and the USA, meanwhile always been dancing (classical ballet and jazz dance) and the last four years I am involved in flamenco dancing. I have been taking guitar lessons and have been studying music as well. And did educate myself quite a bit 😉

I have always felt very creative, used to love to paint , dance, sing, play, be on stage, bring something to the people.

My daddy has been very important to me when it comes to music, a lot of different types of music. I love everything 40s and 50s, but I also love latin, traditional Mexican, bossa nova, jazz, dixieland, old country, western swing, big band, spiritual music… I grew up on all that.

We want to know all about your tour. You started at the Big E Jamboree in Greenbay, Wisconsin and then up to Memphis and Nashville.

I just got back from the States, where I was performing at the Big E Jamboree (celebrating Elvis’75th birthday) in Green Bay, Wisconsin and I went on to Memphis and Nashville, where I teamed up with the great Chris Casello on guitar who was also part of the European Tour of the EP Tribute we did this past May. We have been writing and recording and are planning on finishing up early next year. We are working in a real cool vintage studio called ‘Fry Pharmacy’, everything is analog and they have equipment once used in the old RCA Studio B (Patsy Cline has been recorded through it) therefore the sound is really warm.


 Did you travel with a local band, or your own band?

I worked with different people, Eddie Angel, Jimmy Sutton, Jason Smay, Chris Casello, Johnny G d’Artenay..

I always love performing in the States. I have a ‘click’ when I am there. Love the crowd and the people. I love they listen to what you’re singing (especially when you’re surrounded by songwriters in Nashville 😉

And above all, tell us about the ‘The Original Elvis Presley Tribute 2010″.

The Original Elvis Presley Tribute has been touring throughout Europe this past May 2010. We had original Elvis bandmembers aboard (Duke Bardwell on bass, songwriter Michael Jarrett on keyboards- Chris Casello on guitar, Gantt Kees on drums, and the amazing Robert Washington no vocals. Every time I heard him sing, I got shivers down my spine cause he sounds so much like Elvis without forcing it. I felt honored to be part of this incredible line-up. I was very proud to be able to bring my parents along at the first show, at the Effenaar in the Netherlands, where they were sitting front row, daddy all proud and aglow. Two weeks later, we were in Poland at the time, my mom called me to tell me the unbelievable news that my daddy Stanley had passed away, totally unexpected. I did not finish the tour, obviously, but did the show that evening in honor of him It was a total shock.

I am happy to announce that we are going to do an ‘Original Elvis Presley Tribute’ in May 2011, to even more places and bigger venues. (

You’ve travelled all around the world. Which audience is easy to please?

Yes, I do travel a LOT! Every country is different, I can’t say if the reception is better at one place or another. I really appreciate all the people coming out to see me at various corners of the world! I always have a blast.

You have a glamourous look on you. Do you choose your wardrobe yourself,  or do you have someone who guides you?

I love glamour and style, I love being feminine and to act it out. I always wear heels and always think about what I am wearing. I think it is important to take good care of yourself. Especially on stage, I think it is very important what you wear. I love to search for vintage clothing but also have some of my stage outfits designed. (

What’s your secret/ advice to all the female rockabilly singers who just started out… 

One of the main things  I would say is to never ignore or neglect your audience as those are the people that make it possible that you can do what you do.. I always feel a lot of appreciation for the crowds.. And to believe in yourself, and your music. If it comes from the heart, and you really feel what you’re singing, it does reach your audience. Feel it and believe it.

What’s next? Where do you want to go from here? Any place you haven’t  performed yet, but still on your wishlist?

Like I said, I am writing at the moment (also with Michael Jarrett ) for the Nashville recordings. We are working on a theatre tour.. I have some interesting shoots coming up (modelling) and of course the Original Elvis Tribute Tour next year, in the meantime performing throughout Europe.


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