The Swingcat Trio; young cats with a lot of swing

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We got a request from youngsters in the scene, if we could spend any attention to their band, the Swingcat Trio, sort of a Retro Swing ‘n Jazz Trio, kind of a cocktail band. They’re 15 till 19 years old and they’re from Germany.
The band members are Leo on saxophone, Joshua on piano and Paul on guitars. A very special combination, especially for their age.
I asked the guys from Germany a few questions to get to know them:

When was the band founded and how did this happened?
We decided to get together as a Trio in 2008. We were playing together in a Big Band before, and just wanted to try playing in a smaller combo. It’s a totally different playing situation. You need to do a lo more to get a full sound, but at the same time you can interact a lot more with each other. 

Are you only practicing or do you have a gig already?
We’re already playing some smaller “Diner-Jazz” Gigs. Our Sound is probably not “aggressive” enough for a big stage because we have no Bass or Drums, but it’s the perfect Sound for a small Jazz-Club, or your next Cocktail-Party! 

Are you planning to play only instrumental or are you looking for a singer?
We wouldn’t mind playing with a Singer, but actually the cool thing about playing in the Trio is all that freedom you have. I mean we know each other very well, and it’s no problem to react on whoever’s soloing. We’re doing improvisation on every Song, and it’s cool to create something just for the moment. We always start with the theme of  a Song, and then the Chords repeat and everybody improvises as much as he wants, while the other ones build a rhythmical base for him. 


You are not playing everyday music, did you grew up with this kind of music?
My Dad plays the trumpet and is a big fan of oldschool Swing, but I don’t know if that’s the reason I’m diggin’ that kind of music. Leo and me are coming from Rockabilly music actually, but trying to understand the roots of our heroes we started listening to the old Jazzers too. For me it’s more or less all the same. Josh started with classical music, and then luckily one of his teachers infected him with the Jazz-Virus.

Who is your greatest inspiration?
My biggest hero is Brian Setzer. I love it how he combines soooo many different styles in his music. But currently I’m listening a lot to Kenny Burrell (great guitarist) and Charles Mingus. Leo’s favorite is Charlie Parker, one of the leading figures in Bebop music, and for Josh it’s Benny Goodman one of the Godfathers of Swing, Wild Bill Davis (from Louis Jordan’s Band) and of course Jerry Lee Lewis.
I guess Louis Jordan is closest to what we’re trying to sound like.   


Joshua Fuchs


Do you like other kinds of music besides swing and jazz?
Well, as I said my first musical love was Rockabilly and Rock&Roll, but I also like, Punkrock, Ska and Psychobilly too, some Country stuff aswell. On our Gigs we mix up Bebop, Swing, Jive, Boogie Woogie, Latin, and Rock and Roll, and just do whatever feels right. 

Are you planning to release a single or CD in the future?
It’s on the list, but ‘cause I’m finishing school this year I’ve got other priorities at the moment, but we’re actually writing on some of our own tunes at the moment, maybe that would be a reason, to release something. 

Who are you’re favourite artists?
Well, there are soo many, but to name some of them: the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Les Paul, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Götz Alsmann, Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, Django Reinhardt, Louis Jordan, Charlie Parker, Kenny Burrell, Helge Schneider and many many more. 

Would you like to perform only in Germany in the future or elsewhere in Europe?
I’d love to visit some other places and make music there. We’re living pretty close to the french border so that might be a country to look at. Yeah and in january Josh and me have a Gig in London with one of the Bigbands we’re playing in.  

What do you want to achieve?
I think we’re all glad if we can just continue to play the music we love, and maybe make people have a good time when they see us. 

What’s your greatest wish for the future?
Of course it’d be cool if we’d get famous somehow, but altogether we’re just tryin’ to have fun, and if we can keep up with that everything’s fine. 

Is there anything you would like to tell?
Go out and listen to as much music as you can, and don’t be afraid to jump through diferent genres it’s all related to each other somehow!


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