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Her models shine in magazines like Big Twin, Tattowier, Tattoo Erotica and Tattooed Girls Rock. They also are the fashion pinup models for shops like Very Cherry, Glamrock Clothing, Trendy Alice, Diamond Wigs, N-GIN Shop 4 your lifestyle and Slightley Sarcastic. Bernardine is the Rockabella of her Dutch model agency Rockabella’s Inc.

Rockabella´s Inc. was founded in 2009. Before that, were you already active in the modelling world?

Bernardine, Photo by Erika Zanatta Figabomba, HMUA The Rockabella,

Before I started with Rockabella’s I was a hair & make up artist. Mainly behind the scenes, I still like that side of Rockabella’s. When I started Rockabella’s, I added photography first. That way I got to meet a lot of talented girls, so I started Rockabella Models. I did some photoshoots myself but that was for fun.

What inspired you to start Rockabella’s Inc.?

My biggest inspiration are the models. They inspire me to create new concepts. I was called the girl with the 1000 faces a lot of times. I love people who dare to be themselves. People who don’t care what other people think of them. With their own style and a particular personality.

A couple of years back I became ill and was forced to stay at home. At that moment I decided not to do what others expect of me any longer and to live my dreams. In this life I can’t think of nothing more fulfilling than to work on hair and make up. As a child I sewed my own outfits. I was different than other kids. I decided to make a career out of this.  

Your models are not the girl next door. What are the criteria to be a model at your agency?

When I cast new models I mainly look at their radiance. What does their personality do to me? What do they radiate? A lot of people think that I particularly look bodymodifications, but that is not the case. I have to say that Rockabella is one of the few that has no problem with tattoos en piercings.

Model: JayDee, Photo by Erika Zanatta Figabomba, HMUA The Rockabella,

As you can read on our modelwebsite, we do not really look at sizes and lengths. But the right length sells more easily, especially for the catwalk. In photography, length is not much of an issue. Our girls are mostly a lot shorter than the fashion model. They have female curves and that is what I want to show people. Nothing like showing a real woman where young girls could compare themselves with, than girls with size xxs and 1.78 meter length. There are not so many of those and I think they bring out the wrong example.

The “full figured” pinup models are making their “big” entrance in the US. Are they represented in Europe as well?

Europe is far behind. Especially The Netherlands. It is like a lot of people are afraid to think out of the box. The US is much more advanced in everything they do, but their market is better than in Europe. Germany is a lot more progressive in that area, but here in our country, we keep hanging on to the standard expectations of a model.

Nowadays more “alternative” shops rise up so who knows what the future has in store. It helps of course that artistslike Miss Flora Gattina,t.v. series like Mad Men and the growing pin up culture gets more and more media attention.

Can you tell something about your event “Rockabella’s: We Keep The Glamour Alive!, this November?

On November 14th 2010 we have our annual event. This years theme: We Keep The Glamour Alive! We take the audience to the ’20s untill ’50s. With fashionshows of Peter Domenie and Topvintage, tempting Burlesque acts and live music by Ignition.

It will be a day full of Boudoir, Burlesque and temptation. An unforgettable day. We also have an expo of our favorite photo’s of 2010. Our 2011 calendar is a topic too.

Tickets are available through our website and email:

Every 50th visitor gets a free calendar!

Model: Ruby La Roux, Photo by Erika Zanatta Figabomba, HMUA The Rockabella,

What plans do you have for 2011?

Gosh, too much to mention. Of course our annual calendar project, our event. But we are brewing on more fun stuff. At this moment we are talking with a couple of publishers who would like to bring out our own line. I won’t give away too much, but it will be worth the wait.

How do you see Rockabella’s inc. in 10 years?

My dreams are big, but if I can achieve it, that’s the question. I would like to own a shop in the middle of Amsterdam with our own products and services. A big studio with more possibilities and maybe my own clothingline. I hope I can do more with bands and of course, I want to see our models at work worldwide.

My biggest dream is to be successful in the USA.

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