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The Baseballs, a boy band from Berlin (Germany), was on tour in the Netherlands and I’ve been to a concert in Heerhugowaard (NL) to see if this was really a party as I’ve been told.

The Baseballs are Sam, Digger en Basti. They met by chance in a tea room and they recognized each other based on their common hairstyle, started jamming and formed a band. It worked right away with three voices in perfect vocal harmony.
They cover contemporary songs and convert it into a nice Rock ‘n’ Roll sound.
In a total sold-out hall the tension was already quite increased and the atmosphere was very good, it seemed that I had entered into the movie Grease. A lot of people were dressed in fifties style, but most of the audience were young girls and I’ve noticed that!
In attendance of the boys the screaming was deafening and this was during the evening certainly not less.
Those who can remember the movies of a young Elvis, know what I mean; with every hip or leg movement the girls screamed their hearts out. And since The Baseballs are very lively, you can picture something……
They knew very well to whip up the public and the flowers and garments flew on stage.

The Baseballs + band

Then eventually 6 girls were invited on stage to practice the hipshake with the guys, of course the roof was completely off!
They were accompanied by a very good band, but it turned out that The Baseballs their selves play an instrument, when at the end of the concert they “exchanged” with the band members.
After a beautiful close harmony (together with the musicians) they thought they were able to finish the concert, but it turned out differently. The hysterical audience kept screaming and yelling and then they still played for an hour!
It was indeed a party in an old fifties style. The only thing that was missing was the voice of Al Dvorin: “The Baseballs have left the building”.

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  1. ray57 says:

    how could you give these posers a good review? this is boy band garbage that is making a mockery of the fifties. are you guys like every other site where every review is positive no matter how obviously shitty the band is? is everyone great?

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