Rockabilly cake

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For years I have wondered, how these beautiful pastry cakes are made and then I mean  the decoration of these cakes.

It seemed nice, to convert my creativity  into a cake. When my family finally get tired of my moaning about these cakes, they signed me up (to my surprise!) for a real workshop. Wow, time to (literally) roll up the sleaves.
The base of the cake consists of sponge cake, because this is easier to work with then original cake mixture.

This is the recipe of sponge cake.
4 eggs
125 g sugar
125 g flour
½ teaspoon baking powder
a pinch of salt
For a cake tin of 22-24 cm.
Place the eggs in a bowl of hot water. Put all the other stuff ready. Check in between if the water is still hot. If necessary, pour new hot water in the bowl.
Put the eggs, salt and sugar in a mixing bowl and mix it firmly. The eggmix must finally look light yellow and must feel like thick whipped cream. After mixing you add the sifted flour and baking powder with little quantities. Don’t use a mixer, but scoop it with a spatula into the sponge.
Scoop the sponge into the cake tin and put it in a preheated oven (a hot-air oven at 180gC), about 40 minutes.
Leave the cake to cool and saw it twice with a cake saw. Fill the bottom layer with jam and fill the top layer with pastry cream or pati cream (this is a kind of whipped cream and you can buy it ready made). Spread the whole cake with this cream.
Now it’s time to cover the cake. I wanted to make a real rockabilly cake, so I must color the piece of marzipan (about 600 gram) red. After half an hour kneading, the colouring was well mixed  and I could roll out the marzipan to a big round slice. Then you “hang” this slice over the rolling pin and place it over the cake.

Covering the cake

Time for the smoothing process, removing the creases and making everything really smooth. You cut the remaining border and voilà, your cake is covered. This sounds really simple, but believe me, it takes a lot of effort.

Then comes the fun part, decorating the cake. You use also marzipan in different colours and you need all kinds of tins. It is to your own imagination how you work it out.
For the dutch fans you can find more info about the workshops and decorating cakes on

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