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The Baboons, young guys from Belgium, with their unique sound. They play a mix of rootsrock, country, boogie, rhythm ‘n’ blues, swing and rockabilly.

The Baboons are Arthur de Winter (vocals and rhythm guitar), Kristof Koyen (lead guitar), Bas Vanstaen (double bass) and Gust van Gils (drums).
They’ve already played all over Europe and I was lucky to see these guys live in the Netherlands. They are very enthusiastic and they know how to get the public wild and swinging.
I’m glad that Gust had some time to answer a few questions. 

When did you formed the band and how did this happen?
We’ve known each other since our teenage years, only the bassist was gradually replaced. In the current line up we play about 2 years. Arthur (vocals), Kristof (lead guitar) and I (Gust: drums) we discovered together our love for rootsmusic and expanded it since the late 90s. It’s this period that we first started making music together. With this repertoire and under the name of ‘Baboons’ we now play about 7 years. 

How did you come to the name Baboons?
It sounds nice. Besides, baboons are wild animals and our music isn’t always as polished. 

You’ve released your debut CD “Boogie curse” in 2008; can we soon expect a new CD?
Yes, the next alum ‘Back Scratch’ is canned. The release is planned in January 2011. It’s not a rockabilly-album, but more a mix of rhythm and blues and rock ‘n’ roll. It will be available on CD and vinyl. 

Do you write the songs your selves?
On the second album there are 10 songs of our own and 4 covers. Our own songs usually arise from jamming at rehearsals. Usually the lyrics are made by Arthur. 

Picture by Marco Bosman

Where would you really like to play?
In the United States. We’ve never been there with the band. I’ve already traveled a couple of times there and in terms of roots music, this remains, of course, the promised land. 

Who is your greatest inspiration?
In general, very old or already dead men like Eddie Cochran, Bo Diddley, Larry Williams, Wilbert Harrison, Charlie Rich, Art Neville, Freddy King, Ronnie Dawson, Jerry Reed, George Jones,… 

How did your first love for rock ‘n’ roll starts?
Since my childhood I’ve been bitten by the uplifting drive and the typical backbeat that you find in the rock ‘n’ roll records from the fifties. Later on we all began to discover where music comes from. We bought a lot of rhythm and blues records and exchanged them. So gradually you discover how wide roots music is. Now we listen often to country, bluegrass, surfrock, zaedeco, tex-mex, americana, skiffle, soul etc. 

You’ve toured all over Europe; how are you “discovered” in Europe?
We got well known after our first CD was released in 2008. At first we played at English festivals, like the Rockabilly Rave, the Rhythm Riot and the Hotrod Hayride. At those events, there is an international audience and also international bookers. Then we were asked in France, Spain, Italy, Switserland, Germany and the Netherlands. So there are still areas that need to be explored: Scandinavia, Russia and Eastern Europe. 

Which audience do you like the most for a show?
An audience who has the feeling to join with us to build a party. Age or nationality are not important. 

Do you have a fanclub and how important are the fans to you?
It’s not a organized club, but there is a number of people who often show up at our gigs and see how we evolve as a band. Of course the public is very important to us, our goal is to give people a good time.  To make good music and to get the people to swing, that’s what it’s all about.  

What’s your greatest wish for the future?
Keep doing what we are doing: to amuse our selves, together in the van on the road to a next gig. 

Is there something you would really like to tell?
You can become a fan or friend with The Baboons on Facebook. You can see when the next album will be released and where we will present it.

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